Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mixcraft Has Improved

While Cubase, Adobe Audition, Protools, Reaper, Presonous Studio One, FL Studio, Logic still suck Mixcraft has improved. Mixcraft 6 was a buggy POS but 6.1 is vastly improved. While latency is still and issue the stability is pretty good. I hope that this blog had something to do with the engineers at Acoustica getting their shit together and fixing the bugs. I hope this echoes through the rest of the industry.

The fact is, most of the high priced/over priced DAWs are not as good as Mixcraft 6.1 when it comes to stability, user friendliness and work flow. At this point I have to say that Mixcraft 6.1 is worth the price. Mixcraft has an analog feel and that makes it nice.

I don't recommend any DAW and your experience with Mixcraft 6.1 may vary but it now functions fairly well. I would say that it is a good tool for most singer songwriters and composers. Can it be used for professional mastering? Maybe. It's mastering tools are descent and in some ways its better than the expensive DAWs but that may be a matter of opinion.

Mixcraft is easy to use and unlike most other DAWs it has some decent tutorials.