Friday, January 27, 2017

Time to Beat The Shit Out of Presonus Some More

I beat the shit out of Acoustica when they first released Mixcraft 6 and as bad as it was is was still better than most to the DAWs out there. Acoustica got their shit together and 6.1 is very very good DAW and the Mixcraft tutorials are the best by far. Presonus are such false Christian cocksuckers that they force buyers to purchase very expensive tutorials for their shitty software and hardware.

Presonus must be run by Trump supporters because they ban people for telling the truth on their bullshit shill filled forum. Check out this thread on Gear Slutz

Presonus customer serves SUCKS!

Presonus customer service? - Home Recording forums

I this experience on another forum Presonus trolls attack the OP.

Presonus Audio Box SUCKS

Presonus FUCKS its associates. They must be Trump supporters.


1.0 out of 5 stars PreSonus Sucks, April 20, 2012. By. BlueGuitar13. I bought a 44VSL, I am sorry I did. I called around trying to find something to suite my needs:

Mixcraft 8 and Odd Instruments

I have not tested it yet but by all accounts, it's a very good DAW.  Please leave comments if you are a Mixcraft 8 user.


In other news:

I like unique musical instruments. I play with a guy who is a brass player. He plays trumpet and cornet. For the past year of so he's been playing a melodica at our gigs. I love it! For those of you who don't know what a melodica is....

This is a melodica.  Melodicas sound like something between an accordion and a harmonica. You can play chords and single notes on them. The are inexpensive. He found one on Amazon for $27 and while there are more expensive ones this one is the best IMO.  A lot of the more expensive ones have annoying key click and intonation issues.

Banjo Tam inventor Frank Abrams playing the Banjo Tam at the 2016 Nashville NAMM
Check out the Banjo Tam <---------Click here.

I own a Banjo Tam. When I first heard about the Banjo Tam I thought it was gimmicky but when I played one I was pleasantly surprised. It sounded like a high-end banjo but what makes the Banjo Tam unique is that the head uses a tambourine and for some reason this makes it sound better than many high-end banjos. Once you get the hang of it you can use the percussive effects of the tambourine. This instrument is considered so innovative that it made the Museum of Modern Art catalog.


Banjo-Tams come in open and closes back models.