Monday, January 4, 2016

Stop Using Macs

PCs are better now. Sure Microsoft fucks up a lot and often the Mac OS is more stable than Vista or Windows 8 but Windows 7 is as stable as anything Mac has and if you go onto DAW discussion forums you will see that DAW have the most trouble running on a Mac. The technical reason is not the main reason that I am suggesting this.

Apple is a much bigger international corporate gangster that Microsoft. Steve Jobs was a much bigger asshole that Bill Gate or Steve Balmer.

Chinese laptop that shamelessly clones MacBook Air revealed [u]
If you want to run a your DAW on a Mac get a Hackintosh or by a Chinese copy of a Mac. Most Macs and Apple devices are made in China by slave labor so why not just buy a Chinese copy?

Chinese MacBook Air knockoff is painfully close to the real ...

Friday, January 1, 2016

Why Are 5 String Basses Like Cilantro?

It's because they ruin everything! When ever I see a band with a five or six string bass player I know its going to suck. This also holds true for drummer with too many drums. It's not the number of drums and how they crowd the stage and for the bass it's not only the extra string it is also the idiot playing it. Sure that B string throws mud into the mix and fucks up speakers and amps but the main problem is the jackass playing it. Five stingers play like wimps. I've played a few 5 strings and I found that you can't really dig in and play aggressively. Hence the wimpiness and any musician who can't figure that out sucks.

James Brown told the members of his band that every instrument that they were playing was a drum. Like the guitar, and piano the bass is a percussion instrument but the five string's attack is weak and anemic like the assholes who play them.