Monday, January 4, 2016

Stop Using Macs

PCs are better now. Sure Microsoft fucks up a lot and often the Mac OS is more stable than Vista or Windows 8 but Windows 7 is as stable as anything Mac has and if you go onto DAW discussion forums you will see that DAW have the most trouble running on a Mac. The technical reason is not the main reason that I am suggesting this.

Apple is a much bigger international corporate gangster that Microsoft. Steve Jobs was a much bigger asshole that Bill Gate or Steve Balmer.

Chinese laptop that shamelessly clones MacBook Air revealed [u]
If you want to run a your DAW on a Mac get a Hackintosh or by a Chinese copy of a Mac. Most Macs and Apple devices are made in China by slave labor so why not just buy a Chinese copy?

Chinese MacBook Air knockoff is painfully close to the real ...

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