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Beware of Home Recording Forums a Lot of the Posters are Sock and Trolls

I'm not talking about the kind of trolls or sock who are their to spread cause trouble and fights. Only an idiot would rise to that sort of bait. I am talking about the infestation of industry employee who are there to surreptitiously promote their shitty products or trash the products of a competing company that has successfully produced and marketed a good product.

Here is an example of an industry sock puppet/troll.  A legit poster is having problems with DAW or a DAW interface. He's asking for a solution after racking his brain and scouring the net looking for solutions to a problem for which there may be no solution i.e. the DAW sucks and is buggy or the interface is a buggy piece of shit. Almost immediately the same fucking asshole who is often first to respond to others with software issues will make a bunch of fact free statements such as; "It's probably your computer and then go on with a litany of reasons for why it must be the user's computer in spite of the fact that the user's computer may be brand new with a shit load of RAM and lightning fast dual quad turbo charged processor. When that's the comeback by the confused user the industry sock will then stupidly blame the anti virus program even though there it no way anti virus or anti malaware can cause application software to crash. (Hmmm maybe DAWs are malware and viruses. The sure act like it.) The industry troll will then blame how the software of the DAW or interface is configured in spite of the fact that Windows 7 is Windows 7 in Windows 7 and Windows 8 is Windows 8 is Windows 8 is Windows and that Windows XP is Windows XP is Windows XP... all stable platforms that run ALL other software nearly flawlessly.  As good as the Mac OS is there are DAWs and DAW interfaces that claim to be Mac compatible that constantly crash.

It may not cure latency but it sure helps the headaches caused by DAWs
After the user demonstrates that his system is top notch and that he's tried all the bullshit things that the industry troll/sock suggested and he still has the problem the personal insults starts. Usually the frustrated user goes away or defends himself and gets banned. Very often no trolls/geek, the ones who only get laid by fat chicks pile on with their bullshit. Geeks seem to love shitty software.

To any real trolls out there like the ones who like to destroy online communities that are run by and infested by assholes consider going to one of these forums as working your magic. Trolling geeks can be great fun due to their lack of social sophistication, inability to get laid and their Asparger's  mentality. It's easy to get them to flip their wigs.

Since starting this blog I have developed a few followers who like fucking with the types of shitheads found on these forums. Here are some forums worth visiting if you want to troll the trolls.

Home Recording Forum does have a lot of nice people on it but they are naive. Be gentle there but fuck with the industry geeks when you spot one.

Reaper Forums are rife with know it alls and flaming assholes. Reaper is a shitty 40 dollar DAW that has more bug than a white trash trailer parks and more assholes than defending it than a Republican convention.  Their Reporting Bugs Forum is very busy with much pain and acrimony.  Bring a can of Raid and wear and exterminator's suit.

The Acoustica Mixcraft Forums seem to be full of socks saying how awesome Mixcraft is and in one regard Mixcraft is "awsome" compared to other DAWs in that it is really easy to use and potentially could be powerful but it's unstable and does not rise to professional standards. It has a few decent native plug ins like the Pultronic EQ and a decent compressor but it's instability makes it unsuitable for serious production. The forum is full of clueless wannabe musicians who join the sock puppets in blaming the computer and everything else but the DAW.

Acoustica also makes a couple of buggy virtual instruments. One is called Pianissimo which is a virtual keyboard that frequently crashes Mixcraft. The Pianissimo Forum is filled to horror stories.

Beatcraft is their piece of shit virtual drum program. If you can't set up a real drummer use a drum machine. Drum machines don't fuck up or crash DAWs. Check out the Beatcraft Forum. Don't get me wrong, Beatcraft is not the only unstable piece of shit plug in. EZ drummer sucks and so does Addictive Drums. I don't know what sucks worse but they all suck.

Presonus also has a forum and it seems that their people are on other forums stirring shit while promoting Presonus shit. These guys are smug and arrogant fuckers. They sell several versions of a buggy and hard to learn DAW called Studio One. I think they have dropped the price of Studio One Artist to 40 bucks. They also are giving away a free version of Studio One. Studio One won't accept third party plug ins and theoretically that could be a good thing and third party plug ins often get blamed for DAWs crashing.
My suggestion to "trolls" who also track is to visit these forums and WORK YOUR MAGIC!

Update: One of my peeps Mr Objective politely posted some opinions on home recording forum and look at the shit he got from the nerd intelligentsia.  Some dick head ended up banning him for these comments,  It seems that posting factual information and opinion about Studio Live and all it's problems will get you banned.

Now do you see why you should fuck with these lowlife liars and thieves?

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Presonus Sucks Potpourri

Here is the consensus at Vguitar Forums.

Presonus AudioBox Interfaces- NOT Recommended
« on: April 04, 2013, 09:05:20 AM »

Just a heads up, earlier in the Fishman TriplePlay  thread I recommended a Presonus AudioBox 1818VSL.

These work well for low latency MIDI Softsynth playback, but bulk of owners have contacted presonus regarding a solution to occasional random "popping" during recording.

Presonus issued a statement, and are seeking a solution - but this interface is a turkey and NOT recommended for serious audio recording.
Here is a statement by the Presonus Management on this issue.

To AudioBox VSL Customers,

We have been made aware of several issues regarding noise and pops and clicks when using the AudioBox VSL with Mac and PC systems. We are actively investigating these reports to confirm the reported failures and look for possible solutions. As we are investigating this, we do not have an estimated time for solutions, we ask that you be patient knowing that we have made this a top priority with our development team.

As more information becomes available we will post responses here.


PAE Management

Its one of those interfaces that looks great on paper, but really sucks for live real time Guitar Plugins (Guitar Rig, Amplitube), or recording.

I get a "pop", crackling" sound at random - sounds just like a bad guitar cord, or static discharge.

This is with the latest drivers on a iMac 27" I7 3.4GHz, 32GB RAM, OSX 10.7.5 - any DAW app, N.I. GuitarRig 5, or IK Multimedia Amplitube CS

I purchased the 1818VSL assuming Presonus had their act together, but this is a repeat of the old Presonus FirePOD days.

Just google "1818VSL pops" :

Last time I had an interface this bad was my Echo Audio Layla24 Firewire that refused to work with an HP ZD7000 laptop.

Presonus apparently subcontracts the USB driver creation to a third party, and the Presonus  tech support is no help at all.

Just issuing a warning so others do not fall into the same trap I have with this $500 doorstop. 


I had the original Layla. Worked great for many years.

I have the presonus firepod/fp10. It sucks. Has issues locking to spdif, and also alot of crackle and pops when recording, even at extremely high latency values.

I have a tascam fw1082. Ok converters. No snap crackles or pops. Have had issues in win 7 64 bit with losing sync. Love the automated control surface and flying faders integrated with sonar.

I mainly use a delta 1010, which has very good converters, but its a bit old in the tooth and I think some of the connectors are getting spotty. Its PCI. No problems with snaps or pops.

I also have a Tascam us1800 for tracking my whole band live (16 inputs). Its cheap. No weird noises, but the converters are mediocre. This replaced my firepod.

Im seriously considering buying the Focusrite Forte to get something with better quality converters/preamps. Also considering the Focusrite with the Liquid pre's.


I had a Presonus AudioBox 44VSL.  The key word in that sentence is "had". 

As a standalone unit, it is an incredible piece of equipment.  There wasn't a single problem in that capacity and would recommend it to anyone who would use it without connecting to the internet.  But, connecting it to the PC was a nightmare.  I fought with that thing from day one of plugging it into the PC. 

The drivers are horrible and the software is very intrusive.  I couldn't get that thing down to a usable latency without popping all over the place.  The drivers are crap.  The first thing customer service asked was what kind of system I had, which was a complete monster machine.  But they tried to blame it on the machine, even though it beat the minimum specs by 2 or 3 generations of chips and beat the requirements by over 24 gigs of ram.  That was the last straw, I disconnected it and packed it up.  It was going back asap.

It also did some crazy stuff to my regular sound system.  Even after uninstalling everything, it took me a couple of days to get my regular sound back to his previous state.

I wouldn't (or couldn't) recommend this unit to anyone who plans to use it as a means of connecting to the computer.


I tried using the Audiobox VSL "Beta" driver  USB 2.0 port and USB 3.0 on my Lenovo W520 with Win7 64 pro - no luck

Same with the latest AudioBox 1818VSL v1.2.1 - PC USB driver =  random pops and clicks every few seconds

Same with my 2011 iMac 27" OSX 10.8.5  with a USB 2.0 port
AudioBox 1818VSL v1.2.2 - Mac USB driver  = random pops and clicks every few seconds

When I contact Presonus support they say  "Sorry we do not develop the USB drivers for our products - review the forums for latest updates"

More stories of pain here:

One problem may be all my computers use Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge Intel CPU's

I do like StudioOne DAW app  -  but their hardware support is sub par.

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Presonus Studio Live Reliability

Is this shit worse than Berringer? See what a retailer and sound engineers are saying.

I have a retail music store. I have sold 12 units in the last year and 9 of them have come back for several different reasons. The most common reason was a resistor on the PSU would burn up and the desk would not power up. Solution was to replace the PSU or resistor which I now keep one on hand all the time. The other reasons were dead screens, and dead channels.

I stopped selling them because I don't have the time to service this junk anymore.
Also keep in mind that Presonus is too big for they're britches these days. They created a product that they know almost nothing about and can not support it at all. Dont waste your time or money. Buy a X32 if your looking that price range.

Another dissatisfied customer complains:

I had a SL 16.4.2 that I used about a dozen times. On several occasions, the board had glitches, resulting in an entire muting of the console for several seconds. I did find out that if you use the FireWire interface, and that interface for whatever reason gets disrupted, the board will mute. ie, if your computer crashes, or the cable gets unplugged, or the computer goes to sleep, bam, board mute.

However, I did have one instance where the board muted multiple times without being plugged into the computer. It was suggested that faulty power was to blame for this. I didn't see any significant voltage swings during the event, surely nothing that I would have thought could be the cause. My feeling is that if a board MUST be connected to a UPS to function, it's a poor design.

Sound Engineer Rob Dellwood: I mixed on a 16.4.2 last night that had lost all the channel presets after a firmware update. I was able to save the show scene however, as I will be mixing the same band there again in a month. I heard this is a common problem, but not sure how to fix it.

Sound Engineer  Matt Lillie:
I have a 24ch, got it last spring. No issues so far, and I can plug and unplug my FireWire with no dropouts. Ran it last week on a 70kva construction gennie, no issues. I don't run a UPS. There are certainly a lot of goofy things about the board, but reliability hasn't been an issue for me yet. That said, I brought a band a small analog board Friday to get them through after their 16 ch froze up, all channels muted on it and no sound coming out. The guy reflashed it Saturday, and it worked for an hour or so and then the problem resurfaced, same thing, no output. He's sending it back.

Sound Engineer Jurgen Rieman: I had a really bad incident with my presonus some weeks ago. The board stopped during a show and it was a major disaster as I could not get it back up again.
Check out the forums as lots of people have lots of problems. Firmware, power supplies, faders etc.

Maybe the board is ok for studio use where crashes dont matter, but I wont go on stage anymore with this China made junk. Time to look for something else.

Sorry if I sound negative but my own reputation is on the line and I also didn't get paid for the gig. I am also sure they wont book me again :-( 

Sound Engineer Phil Graham: One more singular datapoint for you. The brand new StudioLive 16.4.2 I purchased for our church has been hopelessly unreliable since the moment I first powered it up. I'm chalking it up to infant mortality. It went back to Presonus today. I'll write a followup after I get it back and let it bake with pink noise for a couple of days straight.

P.S. Their tech support guy Jason has been responsive, candid, and helpful. Its not quite "call Yamaha in the middle of the night" level of support, but I've been pleased with the level of help and response turnaround. Jason is a big reason why this console hasn't yet "magically" morphed into an 01V

P.P.S. The console is simple to use and operate, and iPad control works as advertised. Both are a boon for our inexperienced volunteers. If they would give me the option to narrow up the Q of both semi-parametric Q settings, I'd be pretty happy on it, too.

Who designed the piece of SHIT?!

There are three pages of complaints like the ones above.  Based on real world use, Presonus Studio Live is evtremely unreliable. When you go to the the Sound Forum's Site you'll see the usual Presonus plants blaming the users.

Hardware Multitracker vs DAW

It goes without saying that for many people DAWs suck. Do they have to suck? Probably not. Do they have to be buggy? Probably not. Do they have to be extremely difficult to learn and navigate? Probably not but you have to remember, a lot of geek assholes use DAWs and even bigger assholes design them but what are real musicians saying?

Check out this thoughtful discussion on Gear Slutz .

Here are some excerpts:

Kevin G asks: As I integrate more hardware into my set up, I'm wondering about the advantages of recording directly into a multitrack as opposed to a DAW. I know a DAW will have far superior editing abilities, but has anyone here eliminated the computer from the recording equation? Any advantages in doing so? I'm interested in the immediacy and simplicity of going directly into a multitrack as opposed to say setting up a session in a DAW. I also want it to be about playing music (and the inherent spontaneity involved) as opposed to viewing/editing/writing clips in software.


Christian Rock Responds: I've always worked with multi-tracks. From the mid 90s until 2001 with ADATs, and then I bought me a 16-track 1-inch reel tape multitrack recorder.

I probably wouldn't go with most digital recorders because the AD/DA will suck compared to a computer with a good interface. Having said that, a lot of music that people loved in the 90s was made with those ADATs. But once you can hear how much those converters muddy up the low end and steal the shimmer from your highs, you can't really stand them.

The one exception to this rule, I think, would be an Alesis HD24XR with upgraded AD/DA from Jim Williams of Audio Upgrades... but you'd also need a good mixer to go along with that.


WWJD responds: I have DAW, and NEVER use it. Sick of computers. Just bought a Zoom R24 recorder and am loving the limitations and focusing on music and writing again!

Thanks to computers most music, to me, sounds exactly like effortless, cut and pasted boring repetitions, instead of PLAYED, soul-filled MUSIC.

"Warmth" is simply coloration (coupled with really bad inaccuracy). You can add that back in to anything digitally.

I would never got back to tape again - and I still own a 16 track tape machine. Yeah, tape adds "something", but digital does 172 other somethings that are way better... so.... 1 vs 172.... yeah.

That said, I master on computer.

The thread is long but very interesting and informative. Read more on Gear Slutz. They discuss tape, audio interfaces,  and digital media.

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Presonus Sucks

It goes without saying that DAWS suck and so do a lot of  hardware software interfaces. The shit from Presonus is no exception. Let it suffice to say that the best and the brightest geeks are not designing digital recording software but beyond that most of these companies' business practices are less than ethical. The following review that was sent to me from Amazon illustrates clearly illustrates this. I am not saying that all Presonus products are all this horrible but I cannot in good conscience recommend that anyone do business with them due to there poor business ethics and terrible customer service.
The Presonus user who pointed me to this review also sent me the photo that appears on the Presonus "support" forum.  Sometimes satire just writes itself and if a picture is worth a thousand words then some of those words this picture conveys are: "Fucking piece of shit!" "This sucks!"  "Why did I buy this shit?!"  "I actually paid for this shitware!"  "These bugs are costing us a fortune!" "Fuck this shit!"

This review is from: Presonus AudioBox 44VSL 24-Bit/96 kHz 4x4 USB 2.0 Audio Interface (Personal Computers)
I bought a 44VSL, I am sorry I did. I called around trying to find something to suit my needs:
1. I/O

2. I am a musician, not a recording engineer. (I didn't want to sit in front of a computer, for 6 hours trying to get it to work, and maybe 5 minutes of actual recording)

3. Mobility ( Set Up at one of the other band member's houses )

4. Great customer service/ Tech support (Good would have been fine)

5. Compatible software for programmable drum beats and sounds for electronic drums for recording.

I was using a table top and a drum machine, not so good. The PreSonus dealer I spoke to said this box and software had everything I need and will work fine with my computer... So I shell out the money for this thing. It crashed soooo many times the first day. Then he tells me, oh if you had the upgrade, ($299) you won't have these problems...what ever. I should have known when he told me that someone had just returned one of these cause he couldn't get it to work and that it was the "only" computer that this happened to. Well the same thing happened to mine, it didn't work at all like I was told it would. Then all he could do is blame my computer and hardware and told me that I would have to do almost $2k worth of upgrades to get it to work, AFTER HE TOLD ME THAT WHAT I HAD WAS FINE AND IT WAS TOTALLY WHAT I NEEDED.

Finally, the last thing he told me was that I would have to set up my laptop, never turn it off, never move it, and only use an external hard drive, that I can NEVER unplug or use any other USB port, otherwise all the databases get fouled and the program can find nothing and only opens up with a shell of what is supposed to be there. I can only use this thing as a scratch pad with a click track. No drum machine works without crashing it, hell even without the drum machine it would crash 2 minutes into recording a track, with ONE track on the whole file with distortion, THAT'S IT!! The fact that I would have to leave it on, plugged in and cannot move it TOTALLY NEGATES BEING MOBILE!!!! So I call him up and try for over 2 months to get this worked out, (meanwhile I'm chomping at the bit with new songs and am about to pull my hair out sitting here for hours trying to figure this program out) but I can never get past just recording a simple guitar track without it crapping out. I was told " you'll be recording within's been roughly 20,160 and have yet to complete a single song, I have met this guy places for him to work on it, he has come to my house.

THIS CRAP DOES NOT WORK LIKE IT SAYS...oh and he told me that this was " so simple you don't need to be a recording engineer..." what the fat frog's hair ever! Finally, I am sick of all the " maybe it's this, maybe that, hold on let me call an engineer at PreSonus, this shouldn't be happening..." "give me a couple of days to figure it out...", nothing, I call, still nothing. So I tell him, "Fine, I feel mislead and ripped off how do return this thing" guess what, you only have 30 days... " hey go to this place, they'll give a great price" place says, " we don't take those, they are too problematic" great, so now I am stuck, out several hundreds of dollars, haven't been able to record one single song to completion and now I have to find a buyer for this CRAP myself and will probably not get anywhere close to what I paid for it! Congratulations sir on your "awesome" review. I doesn't mean a darn thing if your product doesn't even do what free programs will do...record a song. And yes I have tried calling for a week now, I've tried every single option to talk to someone not a single answer. So much for "Excellent tech support", non-existent here. Disappointed, frustrated, and wishing I never bought this product!! STAY AWAY!!!

Here are some more reviews:

Worst Purchase Ever
Could not get rid of pops and crackling after weeks of trying everything possible. Tried it on 4 different computer systems, mac and pc. No official drivers for OSX Mountain Lion (which has been out for over a year now as I write). Employees at Guitar Center knew it was junk but sold it to me anyway. Went back to the store and they said 'oh yeah, a lot of people have...

What a piece of junk..., June 2, 2012

I bought this interface because it was USB 2.0 compatible, had MIDI interfaces, and 4 mic inputs with 48V phantom for all. I am an electrical engineer. Right from the start I felt like I was an engineer testing this and sending it back for a re-design. This thing never works the same way twice. I always have to spend a half day to set this up. I used a dual-core Intel notebook with 4BG Ram with Sonar X DAW. I had the same problems when using Avid's ProTools LE. The quality of the sound was CD quality at best and I could never get the 96kHZ 24 bit mode working. And if you want to monitor the recording with effects, I have only been able to do it with their bundled software. The latency on three different DAWs was too great to be useful You'd think they would have tested this on all of the popular DAWs. Stay away from this one.

Final Verdict, I returned this product.

This product is a total nitemare. I bought it cuz I though it offered features better than my four year old Firebox. I had zero problems with the Firebox other than the spdif never worked but I got around that.
The only thing that worked properly on this box was the headphones. The Main Outs were distorted. I had to pump full levels on my board just to monitor fuzzy sound.

I need professional sound. This product wasted away days of my time trying to trouble shoot everything that was wrong with it. I reached the conclusion, either not ready for prime time or defective. I have to think defective because no Pro product could be this bad.

I bought to TC Electronic impact Twin to replace this. Much better product. I'm also using Zoom, importing 25/96 wave files. I'd rather work on DWA. I bought my first ProTools in 97.

So, my experience with PreSonus and this product was nitemare. Not ready for Prime Time pro. The sad part is I made every effort to make this product work. I'm the loser of my time and good faith efforts. Let the truth be known! 

Presonus 44VSL SUX!!!

This product sucks.... it's so awful! And I'll tell you why you must never buy this crap

The sound fades away and you have to restart it to make it work again, once you restart the device it works fine again... then, the samplerate decreases a lot and it sounds like a bitcrusher, then the sound dissapears one more time... then you get angry and reconnect the power cable and you get sound again...

Then you update it to new drivers/firmware and you probably will think this will solve the problem with the audio... it requires to restart your system. Ok, let's open the DAW to make some music... The presonus 44vst seems to work fine...

...aaaaaaand it's gone :/

Don't you ever ever EVER buy this product!!! it's the most unstable audio interfase on the market D:

Miscellaneous Complaint.. 

- No matter what I tried, I could not get it to work with 96Khz audio. In fact, it only works with 44.1Khz and 256 buffer size and refuses to work with any other settings.

- Can not use any other active USB devices on a USB bus while recording - audio tracks come out with crackles. This eliminates the possibility of recording to an external disk hooked up on USB, which is limiting.

Forums say this problem goes away if you use MAC (I'm on XP-SP3 bare bones and I have no intentions of switching)

Bottom line:

- I will be returning this and looking for something else due to the above two limitations

If you want to see how horribly Presonus treats its customers check out these links: Presonus Customer Support/Abuse Forum

Presonus sends its paid trolls technical support specialists aka customer abuse specialists to other digital recording forums like this one.

Here is how the inbred trash erudite folks at Presonus treats contractors and customers who know more about their products than the Presonus fuck ups technical experts and educators do. 

ALL Their SHIT crashes!

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  • Saturday, December 14, 2013

    Ball Kicks The Crap Out of Mixcraft

    I have been accused of being a poster who kicked the living shit out of some Acoustica shills on the Acoustica/Mixcraft forum. As a result is scoured the Mixcraft forum and found out that Ball totally wrecked those fuckers. GO BALL!

    Here's the thread.

    Here are some excerpts.

    Ball starts...

    I am trying to redo a vocal track. I arm the track, the meter is moving when I sing, I hear the vocal in my headphones, I click record, I hear my voice (plenty of signal) and all the other tracks but it does not record when I play it back.

    I closed Mixcraft and repoened it and still not recording. I tried different track and nothing.

    Checked preferences and everything is correct.

    Is this a common problem with Miscraft? Is there a remedy?

    Tried the help menu :lol: and it doesn't :evil:

    Any suggestions?

    Tried another track now the POS froze.

    Opened another track, track 9 and when I arm this track the meters start jumping for no apparent reason re-arm track 8 and the meters behave but it still won't record.

    When MixCraft works it pretty good for a software multitracker but for me it has been a buggy POS. Is there any chance Mixcraft 7 will be debugged?

    To Eric, you seemed a bit miffed regarding my critique of the usless loops and poor tempo adjustments but you know what, this product IMO has not lived up to the hype. MixCraft has some really nice features. The GUI is exceptionable but based on my reliability is a serious issue. I realize that today marketing is all about selling the sizzle but word of mouth can sink a product if it is truly a POS. I hope you guys test and fix your product before the jerk offs in marketing start selling them

    Here's my review that I will be putting on Sound Cloud and my blogs.

    MixCraft does not live up to the hype.

    It has a good GUI some decent effects and a few good presets. The music library leaves a lot to be desired. Most of the loops are for non music music like electronica and that awful crap they play at raves.

    MixCraft's biggest downfall is reliability. It simply stops working. If you are a singer/song writer or a band doing demos or recording rehearsals get a stand alone unit that can record tracks simultaneously. MixCraft pro can do that but you will need to buy a DAW interface and have a lot of RAM and a probably a very fast processor and a top of the line sound card.

    MixCraft has great potential but currently it's too buggy and while it is not all that tough to learn the learning curve is made steep by the fact that the help menu doesn't help and the tutorials are low quality.
    MixCraft might be fun for techno geeks who wants to dabble in music and solve software issues but for the creative professional and the serious amateur wanting to record music the reliability issues make MixCraft suck. While MixCraft is touted as the PC version of Garage Band it isn't. Garage Band is very stable.

    I hope that this review gets the suits at Acoustica to hire some better design and software engineers who can understand what real musicans need and want. Perhaps a bug free version geared toward bands and singer/songwriters would could secure Acoustica a niche in the home recording market place where the other DAWs fall short. As it stands now MixCraft 6 is very unreliable and buggy.
    Here are some dishonest comments form the Acoustica shills. They start with the blame the computer and offer no factual information or explanation. When Mixcraft and other DAWS fail... BLAME THE COMPUTER OR THE USER!
    Yeah, the only problem with this review is that you seem to be the only user reporting these issues. The fact that no-one else reports these problems does seem to suggest that they are local to you and/or your system.
    Some pretty slanderous stuff there IMHO - unless, of course, you can prove them...

    Mixcraft works great for me.
    Ball nails them with truth and logic and they increase the lying.

    It's not my system. Other projects don't do that. When I load and existing project and try to record tracks they won't record. If it was a problem with my computer the MixCrap should identify it. There is no mystery here. The problem is with Mixcraft. It's buggy. Maybe the older versions were stable. Based on my experience Mixcraft 6 is unacceptable. Did Acoustica hire the people responsible for Window Vista? Maybe that is why they are getting 7 out.

    Is there a patch that can fix MixCraft? Will Acoustica give Mixcraft 6 users a free upgrade to 7?
    Here a Mixcraft shill attacks Ball:

    clavguy wrote:
    That's about enough of your %$#$...

    If you can't call Mixcraft by its proper name, and you have have so use slanderous language, maybe you just just go back to Reaper, Cubase, FL or whatever you are using, delete Mixcraft from your system and get out of this forum.
    Ball becomes a wrecking ball!

    Who died and made you boss?

    MixCraft may be fine for electronic musicians who like to nerd out splicing together sample and playing with effects. I make real music with real instruments that I took the time to learn to play. Maybe the reason there hasn't been a decent band since Metalica is because all these no talents churning out fake music with fake instruments instead of learning how to play.

    I spent days looking for a ASIO driver to deal the the latency issues and all I could find is ASIO4all. The crap on CNET is full malware and nobody likes it. M5 had that problem viewtopic.php?p=37249

    The simple answer would be for Acoustica to include an ASIO driver that works.

    The best I can get M6 to do is 19 ms of latency before it will F up.

    Here is what a google search reveals with the search term ASIO driver for Mixcraft 6

    Here is another thread on this forum regarding latency and ASIO drivers and it is another example of geek wannabes blaming the user's computer.

    Acustica Greg directs the user to ASIO4all that won't work when monitoring during recording.

    Since most people have laptops with RealTech sound cards that can only get to a 20 ms latency Mixcraft is not suitable for laptops. As far as I know you can't get a better upgrade sound card for a laptop that what is in it. Does Acoustica tell people that? NO THEY DON'T!!

    Acoustica does not offer a solution for monitoring your performance during recording and like I said, I'm a REAL musician and that being the case we real musicians rely on out ears and we don't have time for BS.

    Lucky for you clavguy you are behind a keyboard in your mommy's basement because if you had the balls to insult me to my face you'd be taking an ambulance ride the the ER.

    FACT: The lowest non ASIO latency with Mixcraft on most computers is 19 ms. The only latency setting that works without mixcraft crashing is 100 ms or more.

    FACT: Mixcraft will NOT run as advertised on most computers unless you can find a usb interface that is compatible with mixcraft. By the time you upgrade your computer and buy Mixcraft your can by a decent stand alone unit.

    FACT: Acoustica does not tell buyers that they need hardware upgrades before Mixcraft with work right.

    FACT: Acoustica has not adequately tested USB audio interfaces nor has it tested external sound cards for compatibility. They seem to rely on customer reports and anecdotal evidence.

    FACT: Acoustica leads buyer to believe that Mixcraft will run on most computers when they know that it won't.

    FACT: As far as I can find out, no commercial studio uses MixCraft pro so implying that is it professional software ie Mixcraft Pro is misleading.

    Do anymore of you fact haters wish to get pwned?

    There are a lot more pages to this thread and and Ball lays waste to the shitheads. Go there and see for yourself before they delete the thread.