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Ball Kicks The Crap Out of Mixcraft

I have been accused of being a poster who kicked the living shit out of some Acoustica shills on the Acoustica/Mixcraft forum. As a result is scoured the Mixcraft forum and found out that Ball totally wrecked those fuckers. GO BALL!

Here's the thread.

Here are some excerpts.

Ball starts...

I am trying to redo a vocal track. I arm the track, the meter is moving when I sing, I hear the vocal in my headphones, I click record, I hear my voice (plenty of signal) and all the other tracks but it does not record when I play it back.

I closed Mixcraft and repoened it and still not recording. I tried different track and nothing.

Checked preferences and everything is correct.

Is this a common problem with Miscraft? Is there a remedy?

Tried the help menu :lol: and it doesn't :evil:

Any suggestions?

Tried another track now the POS froze.

Opened another track, track 9 and when I arm this track the meters start jumping for no apparent reason re-arm track 8 and the meters behave but it still won't record.

When MixCraft works it pretty good for a software multitracker but for me it has been a buggy POS. Is there any chance Mixcraft 7 will be debugged?

To Eric, you seemed a bit miffed regarding my critique of the usless loops and poor tempo adjustments but you know what, this product IMO has not lived up to the hype. MixCraft has some really nice features. The GUI is exceptionable but based on my reliability is a serious issue. I realize that today marketing is all about selling the sizzle but word of mouth can sink a product if it is truly a POS. I hope you guys test and fix your product before the jerk offs in marketing start selling them

Here's my review that I will be putting on Sound Cloud and my blogs.

MixCraft does not live up to the hype.

It has a good GUI some decent effects and a few good presets. The music library leaves a lot to be desired. Most of the loops are for non music music like electronica and that awful crap they play at raves.

MixCraft's biggest downfall is reliability. It simply stops working. If you are a singer/song writer or a band doing demos or recording rehearsals get a stand alone unit that can record tracks simultaneously. MixCraft pro can do that but you will need to buy a DAW interface and have a lot of RAM and a probably a very fast processor and a top of the line sound card.

MixCraft has great potential but currently it's too buggy and while it is not all that tough to learn the learning curve is made steep by the fact that the help menu doesn't help and the tutorials are low quality.
MixCraft might be fun for techno geeks who wants to dabble in music and solve software issues but for the creative professional and the serious amateur wanting to record music the reliability issues make MixCraft suck. While MixCraft is touted as the PC version of Garage Band it isn't. Garage Band is very stable.

I hope that this review gets the suits at Acoustica to hire some better design and software engineers who can understand what real musicans need and want. Perhaps a bug free version geared toward bands and singer/songwriters would could secure Acoustica a niche in the home recording market place where the other DAWs fall short. As it stands now MixCraft 6 is very unreliable and buggy.
Here are some dishonest comments form the Acoustica shills. They start with the blame the computer and offer no factual information or explanation. When Mixcraft and other DAWS fail... BLAME THE COMPUTER OR THE USER!
Yeah, the only problem with this review is that you seem to be the only user reporting these issues. The fact that no-one else reports these problems does seem to suggest that they are local to you and/or your system.
Some pretty slanderous stuff there IMHO - unless, of course, you can prove them...

Mixcraft works great for me.
Ball nails them with truth and logic and they increase the lying.

It's not my system. Other projects don't do that. When I load and existing project and try to record tracks they won't record. If it was a problem with my computer the MixCrap should identify it. There is no mystery here. The problem is with Mixcraft. It's buggy. Maybe the older versions were stable. Based on my experience Mixcraft 6 is unacceptable. Did Acoustica hire the people responsible for Window Vista? Maybe that is why they are getting 7 out.

Is there a patch that can fix MixCraft? Will Acoustica give Mixcraft 6 users a free upgrade to 7?
Here a Mixcraft shill attacks Ball:

clavguy wrote:
That's about enough of your %$#$...

If you can't call Mixcraft by its proper name, and you have have so use slanderous language, maybe you just just go back to Reaper, Cubase, FL or whatever you are using, delete Mixcraft from your system and get out of this forum.
Ball becomes a wrecking ball!

Who died and made you boss?

MixCraft may be fine for electronic musicians who like to nerd out splicing together sample and playing with effects. I make real music with real instruments that I took the time to learn to play. Maybe the reason there hasn't been a decent band since Metalica is because all these no talents churning out fake music with fake instruments instead of learning how to play.

I spent days looking for a ASIO driver to deal the the latency issues and all I could find is ASIO4all. The crap on CNET is full malware and nobody likes it. M5 had that problem viewtopic.php?p=37249

The simple answer would be for Acoustica to include an ASIO driver that works.

The best I can get M6 to do is 19 ms of latency before it will F up.

Here is what a google search reveals with the search term ASIO driver for Mixcraft 6

Here is another thread on this forum regarding latency and ASIO drivers and it is another example of geek wannabes blaming the user's computer.

Acustica Greg directs the user to ASIO4all that won't work when monitoring during recording.

Since most people have laptops with RealTech sound cards that can only get to a 20 ms latency Mixcraft is not suitable for laptops. As far as I know you can't get a better upgrade sound card for a laptop that what is in it. Does Acoustica tell people that? NO THEY DON'T!!

Acoustica does not offer a solution for monitoring your performance during recording and like I said, I'm a REAL musician and that being the case we real musicians rely on out ears and we don't have time for BS.

Lucky for you clavguy you are behind a keyboard in your mommy's basement because if you had the balls to insult me to my face you'd be taking an ambulance ride the the ER.

FACT: The lowest non ASIO latency with Mixcraft on most computers is 19 ms. The only latency setting that works without mixcraft crashing is 100 ms or more.

FACT: Mixcraft will NOT run as advertised on most computers unless you can find a usb interface that is compatible with mixcraft. By the time you upgrade your computer and buy Mixcraft your can by a decent stand alone unit.

FACT: Acoustica does not tell buyers that they need hardware upgrades before Mixcraft with work right.

FACT: Acoustica has not adequately tested USB audio interfaces nor has it tested external sound cards for compatibility. They seem to rely on customer reports and anecdotal evidence.

FACT: Acoustica leads buyer to believe that Mixcraft will run on most computers when they know that it won't.

FACT: As far as I can find out, no commercial studio uses MixCraft pro so implying that is it professional software ie Mixcraft Pro is misleading.

Do anymore of you fact haters wish to get pwned?

There are a lot more pages to this thread and and Ball lays waste to the shitheads. Go there and see for yourself before they delete the thread.

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  1. Geeks design DAWs and they fuck up and other geek wannabes defend them.