Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Mixcraft Users Speak Out

Well, I see people over there still complaining about the timing issue in 5.  Tracks moving out of time over the length of the track.  They're still blaming it on maxing out the CPU, even though one guy had already said his CPU is only hitting 25%-35% with a quad core.

For some reason, they still won't admit there's a problem, no matter who complains (or how many).  Hmmmmm.......


That's a shame really, it is a really easy to use program that has most features that folks would need, and at a price that most can afford...


Agreed.  Wouldn't replace Reaper for me, or the others I use, but I do like it for certain things.  Would work well for a lot of people.  Just can't figure out why they won't fess up to a problem and work on it...


Ya know it is the same with Beatcraft....if they would focus on that program & get the timing problem fixed they would have a winner on their hands.

I can create a full drum track in that program in less time than it takes me to get a 1/2 way scratch track in Hottstepper or Leaf Drums


OK, I went over to read the forums and hit This Page  :o

Can ANYONE tell me what is wrong with that picture?!


Sure it's just not part of the business model?  Other DAWS have little "issues" in their performance, but low and behold, there is a patch or plugin you can BUY to fix it!
Isn't that awesome!?


PT is a prime example... won't sort out track-to-track latancies till you drop the multiple hundreds on the upgrades and plugins.

To me some things are unforgiviable in software that is PAID for. On the top of the list is alignment of tracks. It's a multi-track recording program... like, WTF is it supposed to do...?

Rant off....


Exactly, and what fires me up more than anything is when one of the lower priced products (of any kind) fails at something it's supposed to do and the author or one of the fanboys jumps in with "What do you expect for $$$?"

Well, whether it cost $5,000 or $5 I expect it to do what it said it would do when I paid for it.  Or they say you should have tried the demo, but you just can't find out everything you might need to from a demo.  And besides, why should I have to try the demo to find out it doesn't do what they said it would right above the download button.

Rant still on. 8) ;) :P

All in all, though, MC is a pretty good product for the money, but this timing thing makes it useless for a lot of work.  I know a lot of places hold out for plugin money, but I think in this case they just can't see the forest for the trees and won't admit they have a problem.  Oh well, they have their base that are happy with it, I guess...


I gave up using mixcraft a long time ago

I was always getting clicks and pops during recording with mixcraft 4.

Mixcraft sucks

I also had issues with recorded tracks moving.

I use Reaper now...Reaper is the best DAW ive tried so far.


Op Ed: Mixcraft has potential but currently it's like that a hot looking woman with really bad herpes. The folks from Acoustica lie and their favorite lie is to blame everything e.g. your computer, drivers, sound card,  plug ins, and your operating skills. They won't admit that in many ways Mixcraft is a buggy piece of shit.

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