Sunday, November 10, 2013

Dave Mustaine On DAWs

Despite a vast array of advantages modern technology brought to musicians around the globe, many prominent music figures still point out at the negative aspects of various digital tools used for music recording and production. Among that crowd is also Megadeth mastermind Dave Mustaine, who recently discussed the current state of music during an interview with "I would have to say something that covers all forms of music right now," the frontman kicked off, "Digital audio workstations like Pro Tools, Cakewalk and Garage Band made it possible for a lot of people that can play a guitar or something like that, but they're not really musicians, they don't have it in their blood - so they can plug into a computer, pluck a couple chords, make a song and then fool the public."

As far as the subject of modern music technology is considered, it is worth noting that yet another major music figure, legendary Free/Bad Company frontman Paul Rodgers, recently gave somewhat of a similar statement, saying that "the music industry is using too much technology." 

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Mustaine got it right, DAWS  are destroying music because they allow geeks to make "music" and force it on people. There are reasons why Dave and others like him make good music. First of they have the raw talent and the drive and secondly they paid their dues.


  1. DAW means Doesn't Always Work!

  2. Too bad Mustaine went all Christian.