Saturday, December 28, 2013

Beware of Home Recording Forums a Lot of the Posters are Sock and Trolls

I'm not talking about the kind of trolls or sock who are their to spread cause trouble and fights. Only an idiot would rise to that sort of bait. I am talking about the infestation of industry employee who are there to surreptitiously promote their shitty products or trash the products of a competing company that has successfully produced and marketed a good product.

Here is an example of an industry sock puppet/troll.  A legit poster is having problems with DAW or a DAW interface. He's asking for a solution after racking his brain and scouring the net looking for solutions to a problem for which there may be no solution i.e. the DAW sucks and is buggy or the interface is a buggy piece of shit. Almost immediately the same fucking asshole who is often first to respond to others with software issues will make a bunch of fact free statements such as; "It's probably your computer and then go on with a litany of reasons for why it must be the user's computer in spite of the fact that the user's computer may be brand new with a shit load of RAM and lightning fast dual quad turbo charged processor. When that's the comeback by the confused user the industry sock will then stupidly blame the anti virus program even though there it no way anti virus or anti malaware can cause application software to crash. (Hmmm maybe DAWs are malware and viruses. The sure act like it.) The industry troll will then blame how the software of the DAW or interface is configured in spite of the fact that Windows 7 is Windows 7 in Windows 7 and Windows 8 is Windows 8 is Windows 8 is Windows and that Windows XP is Windows XP is Windows XP... all stable platforms that run ALL other software nearly flawlessly.  As good as the Mac OS is there are DAWs and DAW interfaces that claim to be Mac compatible that constantly crash.

It may not cure latency but it sure helps the headaches caused by DAWs
After the user demonstrates that his system is top notch and that he's tried all the bullshit things that the industry troll/sock suggested and he still has the problem the personal insults starts. Usually the frustrated user goes away or defends himself and gets banned. Very often no trolls/geek, the ones who only get laid by fat chicks pile on with their bullshit. Geeks seem to love shitty software.

To any real trolls out there like the ones who like to destroy online communities that are run by and infested by assholes consider going to one of these forums as working your magic. Trolling geeks can be great fun due to their lack of social sophistication, inability to get laid and their Asparger's  mentality. It's easy to get them to flip their wigs.

Since starting this blog I have developed a few followers who like fucking with the types of shitheads found on these forums. Here are some forums worth visiting if you want to troll the trolls.

Home Recording Forum does have a lot of nice people on it but they are naive. Be gentle there but fuck with the industry geeks when you spot one.

Reaper Forums are rife with know it alls and flaming assholes. Reaper is a shitty 40 dollar DAW that has more bug than a white trash trailer parks and more assholes than defending it than a Republican convention.  Their Reporting Bugs Forum is very busy with much pain and acrimony.  Bring a can of Raid and wear and exterminator's suit.

The Acoustica Mixcraft Forums seem to be full of socks saying how awesome Mixcraft is and in one regard Mixcraft is "awsome" compared to other DAWs in that it is really easy to use and potentially could be powerful but it's unstable and does not rise to professional standards. It has a few decent native plug ins like the Pultronic EQ and a decent compressor but it's instability makes it unsuitable for serious production. The forum is full of clueless wannabe musicians who join the sock puppets in blaming the computer and everything else but the DAW.

Acoustica also makes a couple of buggy virtual instruments. One is called Pianissimo which is a virtual keyboard that frequently crashes Mixcraft. The Pianissimo Forum is filled to horror stories.

Beatcraft is their piece of shit virtual drum program. If you can't set up a real drummer use a drum machine. Drum machines don't fuck up or crash DAWs. Check out the Beatcraft Forum. Don't get me wrong, Beatcraft is not the only unstable piece of shit plug in. EZ drummer sucks and so does Addictive Drums. I don't know what sucks worse but they all suck.

Presonus also has a forum and it seems that their people are on other forums stirring shit while promoting Presonus shit. These guys are smug and arrogant fuckers. They sell several versions of a buggy and hard to learn DAW called Studio One. I think they have dropped the price of Studio One Artist to 40 bucks. They also are giving away a free version of Studio One. Studio One won't accept third party plug ins and theoretically that could be a good thing and third party plug ins often get blamed for DAWs crashing.
My suggestion to "trolls" who also track is to visit these forums and WORK YOUR MAGIC!

Update: One of my peeps Mr Objective politely posted some opinions on home recording forum and look at the shit he got from the nerd intelligentsia.  Some dick head ended up banning him for these comments,  It seems that posting factual information and opinion about Studio Live and all it's problems will get you banned.

Now do you see why you should fuck with these lowlife liars and thieves?


  1. There are a lot of industry types and digit heads on those sites why want to be musicians. These forums are propagated by assholes and socks.

    Feel free to embed links on my blog.

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  4. Zoom R24+Alesis SR-18+POD HD 500X...No headaches.Every fucking DAW sucks. Compatibility issues, hardware issues bugs,crashes and constant updates. I throw down in the Zoom R24 then tweak shit in Audacity. A lot of people thought my shit was done in a studio. Awesome post. I was laughing my ass off. You should check out the Carvin sock puppets. Holy Shit!