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Thursday, July 25, 2013

How To Perhaps Install XLN Addictive Drums in 36 to 50 Easy Steps


There is a shithole company in Stockholm Sweden called XLN Audio. They make overpriced DAW crashing  virutal instrument software such as Addictive Drums and Addictive Keys. This buggy software is a bear to install and uninstalling it can only be accomplished with their online uninstaller and unintalling the XLN Audio Installer is also problematic.

Okay. Let's do it step by step from the very beginning...

I presume you use partition C: for your audio plugins. If not, change the drive letter accordingly.

I presume you have installed Addictive Drums Demo. You DON'T HAVE TO uninstall/reinstall XLN Online Installer and/or AD Demo. Atleast I don't think.


1. Create folder C:\Audio\VST32

This is the root folder for all your 32-bit plugins. Don't use default C:\Program Files (x86)\... folder.

2. Create folder C:\Audio\VST64

This is the root folder for all your 64-bit plugins. Don't use default C:\Program Files (x86)\... folder.

Place Addictive Drums plugins in their proper place:

3. Run XLN Online Installer. This appears. Wait for it to check if everything is up to date.

4. Click "Advanced" Button. This appears.

5. Click "VST 32-bit" tab. This appears.

6. Click "Choose New Path". This appears.

7. Find and select "C:\Audio\VST32" folder. Click "OK". This appears.

8. Click "Apply". This appears. You're done with 32-bit plugin version.

9. Click "VST 64-bit" tab.

10. Click "Choose New Path".
11. Find and select "C:\Audio\VST64" folder. Click "OK".

12. Click "Apply". You're done with 64-bit plugin version.

13. Click "Close". Installer will once more check if everything is up to date. Let it finish.

14. Close XLN Online Installer. You're now done with Addictive Drums.

Let Reaper know where to find your plugins.

15. Open Reaper. For this explanation, I use 32-bit Reaper.

16. Go to Options -> Preferences.

17. Select Plug-ins -> VST node. This appears.

18. Do not type paths manually. If "C:\Audio\VST32" is not in the VST plug-in paths box, click "Add..." button. This appears.

19. Locate and select "C:\Audio\VST32". Click "OK".

20. Your VST plug-in paths box is now updated.

21. Click "Re-scan". Wait for Reaper to rescan plugin folders.

22. Click "OK" in lower right corner to close the "REAPER Preferences" window.

23. Go to View -> FX Browser.

24. Open All Plugins -> VSTi node. This appears. "Addictive Drums (XLN Audio) (16 out)" should be listed there. Demo version could have some slightly different name.

25. Now repeat steps 15 to 24 in 64-bit Reaper to set your path for 64-bit plugins. Use "C:\Audio\VST64" instead of "C:\Audio\VST32".
26. Pray.
27. Try again.
28. Try again.
29. Try again.
30. Hire a geek.
31. Hire a smarter geek.
32. Repeat.
33. Repeat again and again.
34. Try it on your freind's Mac because some asshole from XLN Audio told you it's a problem with Windows Vista, 7 and 8. Or try it on your friend's PC because some asshole at XLN Audio told you it's a problem with Macs.
35.  Kiss your money good bye.
36. Use a drum machine for your demos and a real drummer the finished product.
That's it. SUCCESS! Don't count on it.


I would suggest you to use C:\Audio\VST32 and/or C:\Audio\VST64 from now on, for every plugin, so you always know where your plugins are located.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Addictive Drums May Harm Your Computer

XLN Audio is a sleazy company that makes virtual instruments. Addictive Drums is one of them but if you buy them or try out the demo and manage to get it installed you won't be able to uninstall it.  That could damage your computer

Here is a small sample what pissed off users are reporting:


Postby Dogger » Sat Feb 02, 2013 6:06 pm
I'm trying to uninstall this crap on my computer! All that happens when I try to uninstall it is that it goes to a screen, I attempt to remove it, and it comes back telling me "Everything Is Up To Date"!!!!! I did contact support, and they told me what to do, and Im doing everything exactly as they specified. IVE TRIED EVERYTHING A MILLION TIMES TO UNINSTALL THIS, AND IT IS NOT WORKING!!!!!

BEWARE!!! If you want a program that is stuck on your computer for eternity, then by all means, download this. But, if you decide to uninstall it, trust me, you'll have a better chance of becoming the first person ever to be able to actually set foot on the sun!!!!!
Postby texoft » Thu Feb 28, 2013 8:30 am
I could never get this piece of shit to work and now I can't get rid of it. Sure wish Music Radar would have warned about this. Makes you wonder if the review was bought and paid for. THIS SUCKS!! Read more here how their tech support is clueless.

Won't run

Postby Adict3000 » Mon Jun 24, 2013 10:09 pm
It was all going so well! Installed Tascam drivers and Cubase LE5 on Windows 8. Downloaded free version of AD and followed instructions on how to get Cubase to find .dll file. The plugin is shown in the list but when I make an instrument track and go to the "inspector window" I get the error message Error creating text.gui_1_5.xml
I'm not sure if you support LE versions of 5. Its not clear in your list. But this program does work with plugins so they say so very disappointed that this didn't work. Any help appreciated. Thanks

No Sound Comes Out

Postby homersheineken » Sat May 18, 2013 2:33 am

I can click the instruments and it won't play (it does light up). If I click back to Reaper, it "catches" up and plays the sample. Same thing with the beats. It won't play with the AD interface showing, but once I click away and on to Reaper, it will play.

A couple of times it has worked correctly, but I have no idea how I made it work.

On a Mac if that helps

Please Assist!

AD wont show up

Postby sludgemodule » Mon Jun 03, 2013 9:32 pm
i have the full version of AD that I purchased through XLN via download. I had to re install pro tools cause of a problem. Now AD wont show up in inserts.. Any help would be appreciated..

Sonar X2 64-bit problems

Postby ekral » Thu Nov 29, 2012 11:15 am

does anybody use Addictive Drums 64-bit in Sonar X2 64-bit on Windows 8 64-bit? I have unfortunately problem with slow AD loading (nearly freezes computer).

Please Help! Installed brush adpack - now nothing works!

Postby Oswlek » Sat May 25, 2013 3:47 pm
I had a working version of AD and tried installing the Modern Jazz brush adpack. According to the installer everything went fine, but now Cubase can't find the vst any longer. I tried moving the XLN folder into Cubase VST folder, as well as adding the original XLN as a VST path inside Cubase, neither of which were necessary before and both proved unsuccessful.

I installed the 64-bit version since I am on Windows 7 and there is an addictivedrums.dll file in the Cubase VST folder that says it was modified on the recent download.

I considered uninstalling and reinstalling, but for some reason when I click uninstall it says "an error occurred while trying to uninstall addictive drums. It may have already been uninstalled" - which it hadn't.

What is going on with this thing? Anyone know how I can fix it?


Re: Please Help! Installed brush adpack - now nothing works!

Postby Oswlek » Sat May 25, 2013 7:17 pm
Found some other forum posts about errors in registry disallowing the ability to uninstall (I was having the same problem) and tried following those instructions. Now the dll file no longer gets installed either when reinstalling or doing the 1.52 update. I can see it appear as an operation when watching the install, it just never shows up in the VST folder.

This is ridiculous.

new online installer problem

Postby aussie » Thu Mar 14, 2013 4:49 pm

Re: new online installer problem

Postby aussie » Thu Mar 14, 2013 11:42 pm
so, no support help, so addictive drums grace period expired and i can't use now thank's ad!
all this problem from one update! I thought it was a good product but all the problems i see on this forum
has changed my mind. i am hoping to get these problems resolved somehow if anyone can help much thanks

crosstalk: hi-hat nakes noise when strinking snare

Postby Drummerjunkie » Sat May 18, 2013 12:10 am
Having a lot of trouble with this. When my foot is off the hi-hat pedal and I strike my snare the hi hat acts
Like I struck it. If my foot is down on the pedal it doesnt happen, how do I fix this? I am doing a drumtrack for a jazz standard for a friend and as I'm comping it just goes off like crazy. Thanks!

1.5.2 update does not work PLEASE HELP!

Postby i2eyeruben » Thu May 23, 2013 8:25 pm
I'm running AD on a Mac OS 10.4.11 and I wanted to add some paks to my collection. So it said I needed to update to 1.5.2 in order to use the offline installer. Now when I launch Logic Pro, it gets stuck at loading the core addictive drum files and it says; "scanning files" and it just keeps spinning and spinning. I forced quit the "aural" in order to be able to even get Logic to boot up. communicating with support is awfully slow and I was afraid of even going near that update thinking something would go wrong. Now I have projects I can't work on. This is just dreadful and I don't know what to do.

Download speed is terrrrrrrible

Postby manysounds » Fri May 17, 2013 2:41 am
Wish I had a direct link available...

Installer limping along with a 40k and slower connection.

I guess I'll just leave this computer running for two days...

Any solutions guys? I recall the same issue when this online installer update came rollin' back when it did.

Re: Download speed is terrrrrrrible

Postby manysounds » Fri May 17, 2013 9:27 pm
About 10 minutes ago it hung. "Could not create input stream" or something
Main pack installed though
Now downloading Retro pak at 50k....
Approaching 24 hours...

can't find AD after installation

Postby distorson » Thu Apr 11, 2013 1:12 pm
i'm using ableton 9 on a mac (osx10.8)
i installed the full version of addictive drums and now i have the problem that i can not find addictive drums. neither in my finder nor on ableton live.
how can i find addictive drums on my computer?
and how can i find addictive drums in ableton?

thanks and regards, hendrik

Crashing in Cubase 64bit. Please Help!!

Postby mchapman » Fri Apr 05, 2013 3:33 am
I have a major issue all of a sudden. I was working on a song earlier today with no issues AD was running perfectly and all was well. Closed out the DAW and took care of some things came back some time later and opened Cubase started a new project and as soon as I try to load AD the system locks up and freezes. I don't get any error messages or anything! I tried loading other songs where I have used AD and the same thing happens except I don't even get pass the project loading. I tried to uninstall and re-install with no luck. Online installer says everything is up to date Please help!.System specs are:

Cubase 5 64-bit ver 5.5.3
Windows 7 Home Premium
AMD Athlon IIx4 645 3.10 GHz
6 GB Ram

Re: Crashing in Cubase 64bit. Please Help!!

Postby mchapman » Fri Apr 05, 2013 4:12 pm
Well I had to uninstall every last component of AD and re-download online installer and install everything( Keys, Kit Pieces, Ect) not just AD. Not sure what happened here but hope it doesn't happen again.

Registration sucks!!!

Do I really have to suffer from a registeration to authorize this plugin! I hate you for being so dumb, it didn't say anything about it on the box when I bought it. Do we customers who buy this really have to suffer from people who don't buy it?? QUIT THIS REGISTRATION CRAP!

Registration sucks!!!

Postby smackmyass » Tue Jan 10, 2013 2:13 am
I moved to new computer, i get error saying I need to register and I go to account and it says I already registered... So I am stuck... My dongle is not lit up but the dongle is good as far as I know...any help
This is just the tip of the iceberg with XLN Audio and Addictive Drums. Their own forum is full of users with software problems and for everyone who posts a complaint there re probably 100's who don't.
Solutions for Addictive Drum bugs and glitches.

Monday, July 15, 2013

MixCraft vs Garage Band

UPDATE! Mixcraft no longer sucks.  Mixcraft 6 was a shitty DAW and as shitty as it was it was still better than most of the high priced DAW. Mixcraft is finally living up to its potential. It seems that this blog has gotten the attention of the big shots at Acoustica and they have allowed their engineers to fix the bugs. Mixcraft 6.1 is stellar and as stable as Garageband and easier to use. The main difference is is that Mixcraft is capable of producing professional results. So what you have with Mixcraft 6.1 is a DAW that is affordable, stable, easy to use. It is a great choice for singer songwriters and if the high priced DAWs continue to suck it's a viable option for professional studios.

There are very few complaints about Mixcraft 6.1 and here are some reviews. CLICK HERE!

This is another HUGE problem with Mixcraft.

I decided to fire up the Dark Side™ of my MBP (you know, Windows :P) and try Mixcraft to see if it was remotely as easy as GB. Well, it's not. It LOOKS like it should be easy, but it's far less intuitive. I found myself accidentally overlapping loops (on top of each other IN THE SAME TRACK) because it doesn't copy and paste sections of loops properly. Using the arrow key to move the marker around instead moves the loops around. It's a giant pain and I've made a big mess that gets more and more screwed up as it goes along (including an abrupt ending).

Nonetheless, I'm releasing my very generic techno tune for all to enjoy.

Read more on MacJams

Another Mixcraft User Reponds

Could you please include in the next update of Mixcraft 5 the inclusion of an auto-save feature as well as the back up of the previous saved file, together with the option of deciding save intervals? I've used various video editors that have this facility but it doesn't appear to exist in Mixcraft 5.

I am so pissed off. I have spent the whole day and some hours last night doing some overdubs for someone's (Audacity) MP3 music file, and suddenly the program went 'Not Responding'. I left it for a few hours in case Mixcraft got through the freeze-up, but it didn't and I had to close and restart it, but now it says it can't load the project file because it's corrupt! And there is no alternative backup either. I am so angry at having wasted all this time. This must be my fifth 'Not Responding' or crash episode since using the program - which is only about a week! The previous times were when I was experimenting, but this is my first project disaster. Just as on the previous occasions, it occured whilst I was accessing the Mixcraft effects VSTs.

This really needs to be addressed.

Incidentally, I'm using Windows 7 (64-bit) on a Pentium E6300 (dual core) with 4gb RAM.

I did do regular saves. I find it somewhat worrying that Mixcraft managed to corrupt the saved file when it froze up. That's why it's good to have an automatic backup of a saved file.

miken wrote:
sorry you have encountered this problem - I don't mean to "rain on your parade" but my own thoughts on this would be that having the program auto save could mean that it does that while I'm in the middle of recording something which could equally cause problems, couldn't it?

My own experience is to get into the habit of "manually saving" periodically while I'm working [especially after I've just recorded a really nice overdub or "tricky" solo onto a project ;)]

ianpb responded: The worrying thing is that I did do regular saves, and that Mixcraft managed to corrupt the file when it froze up.

Read More About Mixcraft Corupting Files Here 

Mixcraft has a pro version which suggests that professional studios use Mixcraft. If you know of any professional studios running Mixcraft let me know.

Unable to record using Mixcraft 5 - Microsoft Community
recording freezes I recently was given a new computer for recording, and for the first week it worked well, but now when it comes to recording, the minute i hit ...

jdt: Newest Mixcraft Version - MixcraftLive
Say has anyone out there had any trouble with the latest Mixcraft version? I had installed it and was unable to even get it to open. Kept freezing up during the ...

Mixcraft vs Reaper vs Audacity

UPDATE: Mixcraft 6.1 as far as DAWS go is a very good DAW. 6 had issues typical of most of today's DAWS. Acoustica now makes a respectable DAW that is very easy to learn and it has a great workflow. While I don't recommend any DAW software I can safely say that if you like DAWs, Mixcraft 6.1 will not disappoint and Reaper still sucks.


This is from Acoustic Guitar Forum

A newbie asks:

I'm looking at learning a DAW for solo acoustc guitar only. MIxcraft looks like it might be the most user-freindly; Reaper seems to get the best overall reviews, and Audacity is free. I'm leaning toward Mixcraft if that would greatly minimize the learning curve!
Any suggestions or comments? 

Here are the responses:

Reaper ... by a long shot! You can evaluate a 100% functional, non-expiring copy of Reaper for free, and only register when you decide it's what you need (just $40 ... a real steal). I use it extensively. I've added EZDrummer for percussion, and it works seamlessly with Reaper.

Audacity doesn't come close.  

For just solo guitar any of them will work, Audacity is not bad for one or 2 instruments but does not support VST effects very well.

Mixcraft has a timing problem, it drifts something bad as the song progresses....and yes, I am talking about the newest version also.

Reaper s much better, but a larger learning curve.....

There is another DAW that slips under the radar a lot by Zynewave called Podium that has a very workable Free version. I felt the included effects were fine, and it was pretty easy to figure the price is right!

Are you using Audacity 1.3.x beta when you have issues with the VST support? I'm getting the full UI with VSTs I've installed in the latest beta version, which is the one recommended by the devs.

I'd heard a glancing mention of the Mixcraft timing issue but foolishly _assumed_ that it only applied to MIDI. Sounds pretty annoying.

I came from Adobe Audition/Cool Edit Pro and my recording was limited to using the two track editor for a number of years. Man, was I doing things the hard way <grin>. The first time I tried REAPER I couldn't grasp the concept at all.

Just as I started transitioning to the multi-track non-destructive way of editing in AA I ran into a snag with Adobe's license validation process and it made me so mad I became determined to learn to use REAPER. Fortunately I found a number of free video tutorials which got me over the first humps and I made the switch without significant self-inflicted injury.

A long winded way of saying that the user created resources for REAPER are pretty wonderful and can help ease the learning a lot.


Reaper sucks. The native plugins are horrible and unusable and when you install a plugin Reaper crashes. Reaper is ugly, unstable and difficult to learn. Mixcraft wins by a mile. -Mark-

Mixcraft mentions timing of some computers here

Audacity is what I used originally, and it's ok for getting ideas down. However, REAPER is awesome, and relatively user friendly. It takes a little learning, but so does Audacity; and once you start learning REAPER you're already starting to put that time and knowledge into a program that professionals use.     Eli

I've used both and now I am using Mixcraft. Reaper crashes and freezes to the point it is worthless. Reaper is also bare bones and to get it to where it has enough plugins you have to pay through the ass because the free plugins and loops suck and many of the are not compatible with Reaper aka Raper.

Reaper is just some shitty software that remains in perpetual buggy beta mode.

Reaper crashes constantly... - Cockos Confederated Forums › REAPER Forums › newbieland

Sep 7, 2008 - 12 posts - ‎5 authors
I was editing a drum track I made in EZ Drummer and putting in a new mix of these tracks when Reaper started to crash all the time, even if I ...

Reaper crashes a lot, help is appreciated : Reaper - Reddit

Jan 6, 2015 - Okay so, I've recently tracked my bands debut album. I've been mixing the songs for two days now (whee) and the software keeps crashing or ...

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Reaper Crashing Constantly DAW & Music Software.

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Sep 28, 2011 - 6 posts - ‎4 authors
For the past few weeks Reaper has been working perfectly fine, but now, every time I open it and load my project, it crashes immediately after ...

UG Community @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com - Reaper crashing constantly?

Ultimate Guitar Archive
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Does anyone else have a problem with Reaper crashing a lot? It's not even necessarily specific plugins that make it crash, it'll sometimes just ...

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I have been using Reaper for over a year on a very old PC (Windows XP) with M-Audio Fast track pro and everything had been working fine.

REAPER Crashes When Inserting Plugins? | The REAPER ...

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Sep 13, 2007 - As anyone figured this out??? Reaper (In my Opinion) is freaking sweet but every time I load a VST from WAVES it freezes up and crashes......

Game constantly crashing on derelict reaper level - PC Technical ... › ... › Archived › PC Technical Support

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I make it about five minutes into the core portion of it before it crashes. Tried running it in windowed mode with the graphics seetings turned all ...

REAPER 4.0 is out!!!!! - Page 4 -

Aug 5, 2011 - Only Reaper crashes on me, even with a lot fewer plugins installed. ..... use Reaper if its crashing constantly, I wouldnt torture myself like that.

Here is a side by side comparison of Reaper vs Mixcraft