Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mixcraft Crashing

Here is the first page that comes up in Google with the search term Mixcraft Crashing.

Here is what Mixcraft users are saying:

Mixcraft Constantly Crashing

I'm really starting to get frustrated with Mixcraft-6 today. I "finally" sorted out that annoying issue with midi sequencing with my Juno-Di where it was cutting off the first notes upon playback after quantizing.

However, fixing that just caused another PIA problem. Now when I close the program it crashes (or stops responding). It does this EVERY TIME now. If that's not enough of a PIA.., Mixcraft won't allow me access to my Log File now. WTH! Everytime I try to get the log file to send it in, I get "access denied".

Grrrrr.., really getting frustrated with this program now. A lot of people I talk to who use Mixcraft.., I find a vast majority (at least who I speak to) are guitar, bass, and drum players. On the Audio Side of things MC6 seems to really be set up well for those people. However.., for us keyboard players.., I'm noticing way too many failure issues lately with this application.

What am I to do for support requests if Mixcraft denies me access to my Log File.?.?

Read More Here  how the liars at Acoustica the Makers of MixCRAP blame everything and everyone but their buggy beta DAW.

And the Mixcraft crashing just keep on coming.

Look how Mixcraft fucked this guy!

I just finished making probably the greatest song that I've ever made, and when I went to play it back, a message popped up for half a second saying something like, "Mixcraft in experiencing a crash... ...a synthesizer problem with Alien 303 Synthesizer has caused... ...Alien 303 Synthesizer will be muted." The '...'s are all parts that I skipped over so I could read the whole gist of the message before the application closed and a Windows 7 error message appeared, stating that Mixcraft 6 has just crashed (No duhhh!!). Now, whenever the project is played back, Mixcraft crashes. Only when I hit the play button. I tested all the synth lines individually, and they worked fine for a minute and then mixcraft crashed again. Mixcraft hasn't shown any more error messages before crashing, and it doesn't even leave any log files.

More Mixcraft crashing! WHAT A PIECE OF SHIT!

Every time I try to open a mixcraft file with both an instrument track and an audio track, it doesnt open properly and it crashes. This occurs 80% of the time and I am getting extremely frustrated because I have been writing a track with guitar and drums.
It may have something to do with the drum plugin that i'm using but im not too sure.
The plugin I just mentioned is the EZ Drummer Drumkit From Hell if you need to know that.

My system has 8gb ram and an i5 core.

Once again a customer's Mixcraft crashes and the liars at Aounstica blame the computer.

Mixcraft crashes on me a lot. It seems to crash when I ask of it to do a large task. For instance, if Im working really quickly and il be slicing a clip up, something will cause mixcraft to have a hiccup and then crash. This happens with a vast amount of things to me. Another thing that bothers me, is that I feel that when there are a LOT of sound clips in 1 project Mixcraft becomes extremely sluggish in playback, making mixing and mastering almost impossible. If I let the terrible laggy playback continue, the screen will freeze and then will lead it to mixcraft crashing again. Another crash I get often is when I copy a big segment of the song im working on and when I paste it (in the correct track and everything mind you) the software will crash due to the sheer size of the clipboard im copying it to.

Midi crashes Mixcraft 

Looks like there is an even bigger issue; Mixcraft isn't allowing midi to be sent to Livemachine; it's only sending to the instrument track so it looks like its a no go at the moment.

Lucky I own Reaper as well Smile 

Another disgruntled Mixcraft crash victim complains...


I've been using Acoustica Mixcraft since version 3, I think it's a fantastic software because it's simple to use and the workflow is smooth and intuitive

The problem is that Mixcraft (even in recent versions 5.x) in extremely unstable

I don't make "modern" music, I mean... I don't need loops, samples or whatever, but I make HUGE use of VST. Tipically I have 8/10 tracks with Spectrasonics stuff, Superior Drummer, Absynth and other "heavy" VSTi... and ALL of them have VST effects like Waves, T-Racks and so on...
The result is that a certain point... BOOM!... Mixcraft crashes or start an unpredictable behaviour... need to say I lost some project, too Sad

So the question is... what host could be SIMPLE (in workfolo and interface) like Mixcraft, but SOLID also after a ton of VSTi and effects loaded?

I'm on a quite good PC machine 

Let me be clear, Mixcraft is a TOTAL PIECE OF SHIT!  While Mixcraft as the potential of being a decent DAW as it stands now it is pretty much worthless.


  1. Thanks for the 411 on Mixcraft. If you'd like I can reblog this article to warn my readers.

    1. It works all right if you are only using .wav, but every so often you might lose your .midi, its a gamble and i have recently decided it is not worth it. But if all you need is .wav just use audacity. alert the masses!

  2. This fucking POS corrupted a file. FUCK YOU ACOUSTICA!

  3. The old saying goes: "A bad workman blames his tools". I have had one or two minor issues, but the support guys cleared it up quickly. It seems to work fine on my old laptop. Sorry that you guys have had problems, but it just might be your computer. FYI I run a midi controller, two synths, audio interface, midi interface, and about 20 or so VST's. No problemmo.

    1. There's another old saying, FUCK YOU LIAR. The truth is there; and it is all over the net, Mixcraft crashes constantly and many many many users report this. A snide liar like you can say otherwise but that won't change the fact that that while 6.1 is better than 6, Mixcrap and may other DAWS are shitty betaware. BTW, NO MAJOR STUDIO IS USING MIXCRAP.

    2. I've just had another unrecoverable crash. I'm done with MX6. You may blame my tools, but its clearly the software. Acoustica has feed me the line about how MX6 is infallible, how if there was a problem they would have caught it. they say my CPU overloaded, but I can red line the CPU at 100% and the only thing that happens is the playback quality is affected, a bunch of clicks and skips, but the damn thing doesn't crash on you. So why when I press save why does the software crash and lose all my hours of work? Sure as hell Isn't a CPU problem. I've tried to save frequently in Mx6(because unexpected crashes are a problem I have known about for a while now) but really its just not worth it to keep losing work i have already completed (that shit sux). The best thing about Mx6 was its free to use, but now I wish I had invested my time learning a more stable DAW, because the dawning realization that I will have to make a switch keeps getting brighter and brighter.

      I am curious about peoples opinions. which ship do I jump to? I reliable VST support. REAPER? CUBASE? LIVE? FL Studios? (does Reason even compete?) I know I will have to try them out myself but if anyone has had experience with which to draw a comparison between these DAWs please share.

    3. All DAW crash. The best thing to do is do the capture on a hard drive recorder.

      Reaper is much worse than Mixcraft, Cubase sucks too. Presonous stinks from what I have seen and read. Some people like FL and others hate it.

      MC 6.1 is a vast improvement. They fixed a LOT of bugs.

  4. Mixcraft rules, fuck you :) n00b :D

    1. Ah.. another intelligent comment from an Aoustica employee.

  5. Freeze crash Stutter. it runs a lot like a shitty xp computer.
    Got to love the ( not responding ) and I wait somtimes for hours hoping it wont crash so i can save my work. i have had the same problems with 3 computers Vista W8 W10. mixcraft 5 and 6.
    about to jump ship.

    1. Win 8, Vista and Win 10 suck and while that may not be the problem chances are it is. IT departments stayed with XP when it came Vista came out. Most stayed away from windows 8 and they shay away from 10 as well.

  6. I crash way less now in MX8, and its pissed me off a LOT when it crashed and im loading multiple instances of a heavy hitting synth. What I have larned, and I cannot stress this enough, is to SAVE. Every 10 minutes or so save your project. So if it crashes, you have no worries. Trust me.

    1. Great advice with any DAW. Sometimes if I have had a project open for days Mixcraft will start eating memory and I have to restart my computer so think it has less to do with Mixcraft and more to do with my computer.

      I may have lost work a a few times over the years but I have never lost track, just some editing.