Monday, July 15, 2013

MixCraft vs Garage Band

UPDATE! Mixcraft no longer sucks.  Mixcraft 6 was a shitty DAW and as shitty as it was it was still better than most of the high priced DAW. Mixcraft is finally living up to its potential. It seems that this blog has gotten the attention of the big shots at Acoustica and they have allowed their engineers to fix the bugs. Mixcraft 6.1 is stellar and as stable as Garageband and easier to use. The main difference is is that Mixcraft is capable of producing professional results. So what you have with Mixcraft 6.1 is a DAW that is affordable, stable, easy to use. It is a great choice for singer songwriters and if the high priced DAWs continue to suck it's a viable option for professional studios.

There are very few complaints about Mixcraft 6.1 and here are some reviews. CLICK HERE!

This is another HUGE problem with Mixcraft.

I decided to fire up the Dark Side™ of my MBP (you know, Windows :P) and try Mixcraft to see if it was remotely as easy as GB. Well, it's not. It LOOKS like it should be easy, but it's far less intuitive. I found myself accidentally overlapping loops (on top of each other IN THE SAME TRACK) because it doesn't copy and paste sections of loops properly. Using the arrow key to move the marker around instead moves the loops around. It's a giant pain and I've made a big mess that gets more and more screwed up as it goes along (including an abrupt ending).

Nonetheless, I'm releasing my very generic techno tune for all to enjoy.

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Another Mixcraft User Reponds

Could you please include in the next update of Mixcraft 5 the inclusion of an auto-save feature as well as the back up of the previous saved file, together with the option of deciding save intervals? I've used various video editors that have this facility but it doesn't appear to exist in Mixcraft 5.

I am so pissed off. I have spent the whole day and some hours last night doing some overdubs for someone's (Audacity) MP3 music file, and suddenly the program went 'Not Responding'. I left it for a few hours in case Mixcraft got through the freeze-up, but it didn't and I had to close and restart it, but now it says it can't load the project file because it's corrupt! And there is no alternative backup either. I am so angry at having wasted all this time. This must be my fifth 'Not Responding' or crash episode since using the program - which is only about a week! The previous times were when I was experimenting, but this is my first project disaster. Just as on the previous occasions, it occured whilst I was accessing the Mixcraft effects VSTs.

This really needs to be addressed.

Incidentally, I'm using Windows 7 (64-bit) on a Pentium E6300 (dual core) with 4gb RAM.

I did do regular saves. I find it somewhat worrying that Mixcraft managed to corrupt the saved file when it froze up. That's why it's good to have an automatic backup of a saved file.

miken wrote:
sorry you have encountered this problem - I don't mean to "rain on your parade" but my own thoughts on this would be that having the program auto save could mean that it does that while I'm in the middle of recording something which could equally cause problems, couldn't it?

My own experience is to get into the habit of "manually saving" periodically while I'm working [especially after I've just recorded a really nice overdub or "tricky" solo onto a project ;)]

ianpb responded: The worrying thing is that I did do regular saves, and that Mixcraft managed to corrupt the file when it froze up.

Read More About Mixcraft Corupting Files Here 

Mixcraft has a pro version which suggests that professional studios use Mixcraft. If you know of any professional studios running Mixcraft let me know.

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  1. haha that's why you should use a REAL DAW, like Reaper, Studio One, Cubase, Logic, etc.
    Garage Band & Mixcraft are for noobs!

    1. Noobs or not Mixcraft doesn't work but Garage Band does. For demos Garage band is great because it works. Mixcraft is too unstable. If it worked right I'd pick it over Garage Band. Maybe Mixcraft will get it right but until then I'm sticking with Reaper for my demos.

      IMO DAWs are best of mastering but suck for recording. Mixcraft sucks for both.

    2. 6.1 is more stable than 6 which was a nightmare.

      Reaper is worse than Mixcraft and it the plugins make it crash more than Mixcraft. Studio One was designed by assholes using their assholes. It would be easy to learn if they had a tutorial but the arrogant small dicked geeks won't do that. They take it in the ass. Cubase and Logic are worse than Mixcraft. They crash more.

  2. I know people with GB and they love it. MixCrap advertises that it's Garage Band for PCs but it's not. Like you said GB works.

    1. I've only been playing 50 years and have always found that the program or instrument will out play me I never blame the instrument, it's always the operator that fails to connect : )) LOL Play on guys

    2. Some instruments suck. DAWs are not musical instruments because instruments make music. DAW wreck music and the creative process.

  3. I'm trying to record more traditionally is mixcraft the right tool? I've got the latest one but it still freezes occasionally, to old for this shit,
    this is my first attempt

    but I'm thinking I should be using something different

    1. IMO you should do the capture on a hard drive recorder and mix and master on a DAW. Mixcraft sucks but there are other DAWs that cost a lot more that suck more than Mixcraft. The latest build did fix a lot of the bugs.

      Mixcraft is the most intuitive DAW and it fairly complete. Will it crash and do stupid shit? Yes! All DAWs suck and are unstable.

    2. I think the only DAW I've used that didn't drive me to want to toss my computer out the window was Protools. Yep, the one and only software for the elitist richy rich producer snobs. I just used the express version but lost all my registration and download files when my computer took a final dump. So hence brings me to other DAWS from hell such as Cubase, Ableton , and Studio One. The latter being one of the least intuitive techno geek software jokes on the market. I still use it btw, and it works for me at least for some basic track recording. However, like Protools, I stopped at the stripped down "lite" version called Artist. To fork out another 200 precious coins for an impending nightmare keeps me at bay. Ah, which brings me to the the one DAW that I really really REALLY wanted to be the be-all-end-all program for me could perhaps be the most evil POS system ever created by ass tard genius wannabe mortals.... the legendary (still widely unknown....for a reason) MIXCRAFT!!! I will give them one kudo... not too friggin shabby mastering tools. Every other god forsaken aspect of that ridiculously useless program needs to die and descend into hell. I'd bet my pension plan that this dude Van Landinggear whatever his name is records everything on Protools and presents the audio for Mixcraft videos. Hmmm... maybe there is a good career there....anyway... There are a couple so called experts on Acoustica forums I swear get paid to spew nonsensical redundant BS. Seriously, there should be a prison for forum admins, moderators and other morons. Anyhoo, the whole point of my idiotic wall of text? Two words...FUCK DAWS! Go back to tape recorders! Ok, time for my BP pill...rant over. HAHAHA! So umm yeah keep preaching the good word. ;D

    3. Mixcraft 6.1 is a big improvement over 6. Maybe this blog forced acoustica to get its shit together. There are far less complaints on their forum.

      I would prefer tape but you can't find the good gear and nobody can support it.

      There used to be a porta studio that used VHS tape or maybe it was beta. Either way they came close to studio reel to reel for quality.

      If you think about it, the best music was recorded on reel to reel. DAWs in a way offer too much. People are recording shitty music and using virtual instruments and auto tune. Music today is lame and sterile.

      Mixcraft has a bit of an analog feel. Basically it and other DAWs should not be used to capture IMO but for mastering.

      Overall, people need to write good songs and compose good music. Music is a calling and geeks should not be part of it.

  4. Mixcraft 7 and 8 are outstanding and in every way professional DAWs that don't suck. IMO, the best and most user friendly recording software in made by Acoustica. If you are a noob there is no other choice.