Monday, July 1, 2013

MixCraft Bugs, Crashes and Freezes

Here is a list of bugs Mixcraft claims to have fixed. What kind of a company would sell the public a piece of software without adequately testing it? Answer: Acoustica

Are these bugs really fixed? Are there other bugs that they can't or won't fix? You know the old saying, "If it ain't broke don't fix it." I have a saying of my own that Acoustica needs to hear. If it ain't fixed don't sell it!

UPDATE: Mixcraft is vastly improved. Acoustica is now producing good products. Hopefully when Mixcraft 7 comes out it will be bug free. I Would suggest, auditioning Mixcraft 7. I think you will like it.

Mixcraft's History Of Bugs, Freezes, Crashes and Alleged Fixes

06/17/13 Mixcraft 6.1 b216

  • Made a few changes to the Japanese strings
  • Now erasing midi notes on note down with eraser
  • Fix for instrument presets that had an embedded icon
  • Added error message when a loaded track can't be armed
  • ASIO arm settings now save and load properly from a project file
  • Some badly behaving plugins no longer freeze.
  • Bug fix for copy and paste grouping of clips

04/08/13 Mixcraft 6.1 b213

  • Added Japanese language strings and a few other languages (as if Hiroshima and Nagasaki wasn't enough)
  • Fix for mixdown drift for sounds that are sped up or slowed down without pitch correction
  • Fix for sound preview ending prematurely with noise-reduction turned on
  • Control surface automation disabled during loading & saving
  • Fix for crashes related to global effects and automation
  • Fix for problems with punch in/out with recording count-in enabled
  • Fix for incorrect video rendering length after editing
  • Fix for possible freeze when automating Acoustica Compressor
  • Fix for problem dragging multiple video clips onto a different lane
  • Added ability to CTRL-deselect MIDI notes
  • Fix for vertical drag up/down cursor getting stuck on
  • Fix for possible freeze deleting send automation
  • MIDI notes will now always draw at least one pixel in width
  • Fix for ARM menu not matching mixer display on audio tracks that have never been armed

03/12/13 Mixcraft 6.1 b210

  • Added 6 new loop kits
  • Fix for control surfaces not working properly in b209. (This was a glitch we added in 209.)

03/06/13 Mixcraft 6.1 b209

  • Preference for enabling “Mixcraft Remote Control App”
  • Patched a dumb notation crash (Only happened in debug for some reason)
  • Text tracks were not children in HS
  • Fix for displaying default input device in the mixer
  • A “Unicode” issue fixed.
  • Serious crash for redoing a duplicate track with automation
  • Fix for Send track fx and Submix track fx not following MIDI properly.
  • Multiple controls can be mapped to the same CC.
  • Fix for problems duplicating tracks with send automation.
  • Fix for MIDI events occuring before time 0.
  • Fix for crash when a linked clip is split via recording on a new lane.
  • Fix for wrong options being available when rendering down to audio file.
  • Should not snap with eraser
  • Restore open effects dialogs on master track/global fx.
  • Fixes for displaying the track number text when displaying effect dialogs
  • Fix for calculating crossfade during merge.
  • Adding sounds to library "apply fx" flag now working.
  • Bullet-proof for plug-in that crashes when keys are pressed.
  • Disable the master EQ effect when merging or other special mixdown
  • Home Studio now loads Mixcraft 6 projects as much as it can. (Limitations still apply.)

01/03/13 Mixcraft 6.1 b204

  • New loops - 4 new loop kits
  • Major Time Signature Marker Repairs
  • Can no longer move track markers with time sigs via drag and drop
  • Bullet proofing
  • Japanese Language Support
  • Mute button on clips working better
  • Got rid of right click menu on control surface dialog
  • Autoscroll was not working starting from Submix track
  • Changing selected track with keyboard now skips hidden tracks
  • Changing track color now works from main menu.
  • Now syncing drum map when an instrument changes
  • Fix for auto track name customization garbage.
  • Fix for the ‘reverse’ checkbox not sticking on automation controllers
  • Now hiding name edit box when scrolling horizontally
  • Improvements & fixes in the logic for lanes
  • Auto-rewind now goes back to the position of the last playback
  • Fixes & improvements for merging clips
  • Fixes to the recording count-in
  • New preference for sending pedal-off messages at the end of clips
  • Fix for Mixcraft playing clips beyond the Loop End marker
  • Fix for Mixcraft not obeying MIDI input settings when loading a project
  • Output track effect automation information now saved and loaded properly
  • Fix for freezing submix child tracks
  • Fix for solo button on duplicate track not working
  • Can now control audio effects from a MIDI source on Virtual Instrument tracks
  • Library now can sort numbers such as # of bars intelligently.
  • Fix for slow shutdown of Mixcraft.
  • Added loop to check for and remove NAN in Elastique output (rare)
  • Resizing message box for horizontal text
  • Fix for some VSTs not getting key strokes
  • Fix for recording while preview sound is playing
  • Merging cross faded clips now produces clip with the crossfading included

09/17/12 Mixcraft 6.1 b201

  • Fixed the anti-aliasing filter for going from 48k to 44k or odd sample rate changes.
  • Temporarily removed MIDI routing from FX dialog on Virtual Instrument track (Not part of original design)
  • Now defaulting wavert formats to stereo for exclusive mode drop down.
  • Fix for recording automation crash with acoustica effects
  • Fix for non obey project tempo clips with non-120 tempos stopping too early
  • Fix for 24 bit wavert exclusive playback and recording mode
  • No longer add our own FX to VSTIgnore.ini file. Only add crashing plugins to VSTIgnore.ini now
  • Pro Studio - Added the 31 band presets back in
  • Fix for Freeze not always rendering enough data
  • Fix for left side piano note resize with snap on.
  • Added more compatibility for plugins such as Garritan
  • Library fix for importing sound from track.
  • Bulletproofing various rare crash cases
  • Fixed flaw for loading MIDI file with key info
  • Fix for crash with bad audio device format.
  • Fix for loading incomplete/corrupted library file.
  • Force correct extension when mixing down to avi or wmv
  • Library loops now preview forever (Or at least a long time)

08/30/2012 Mixcraft 6 b199

  • Fix for crash on startup. (Telltale sign is when they have a crash in ntdll.dll with errlinenumber = 0x0002D3BE)
  • Now compatible with melodyne.
  • fixed send knob for ReWire tracks
  • Fix for TAB/Shift-TAB not working in piano roll
  • Fix for ghost note at end of midi clips. (In main view)
  • Fix for loading destination outputs on midi tracks
  • Now remembering old install folder when reinstalling
  • Fix for sharing mixcraft project files in regards to loop files
  • Fix for crash / issue with Trim silence when playing back.
  • Now not showing + on text and video clips when holding down the CTRL key
  • Now uninstalling Pianissimo.dat for Pro Studio
  • Was showing play indicator moving over piano roll and notation for certain looped situations.
  • More fiddling and unicode changes for the video/text editing.
  • Fix for notation crash with overlapping notes.
  • Duplicating send tracks and instrument child tracks now copying properly
  • Fixed anti-alias filters.

08/09/2012 Mixcraft 6 b196

  • Fix for crash with Broadcast Multiband Compressor
  • Fix for crash with Acoustica Pro Reverb and 31 band EQ (Pro Studio only)
  • Video fixes for splitting muting clips and splitting text clips
  • Added mute right click menu option for video and text clips
  • Mute button is now always visible on clips. (Looks like a 0 with a line through it.)
  • Working on some focus issues on text dialog for video
  • Fix for notation beaming crash - rare bug has been there since Mixcraft 5.
  • Fix for pasting multiple text clips.
  • Can no longer arm frozen tracks.
  • Fix for loading in chinese named files

07/30/2012 Mixcraft 6 b194

  • Important fix for Acoustica Effects and loading previous projects
  • Faster launching / startup of Mixcraft
  • Video clip resize undo glitch. Was not updating the size properly.
  • Fix for Control Surfaces "Any Note" was not working.
  • Help file fixes...Minor (Like most help menus Mixcraft's is of little help)
  • Fixed library issue for imported loops.
  • Bulletproofing for rare downloading situation
  • Fix for broken Replace dialog with Effect chains

06/28/2012 Mixcraft 6 b191

  • Fix for recording up to 4 GB limit.
  • Installer now copying FX presets over from Mixcraft 5
  • Fix for weird auto-beatmatching freeze - very rare.
  • Bulletproofing list traversing crash
  • Bulletproofing of sample rates of 0
  • Various other bulletproofing
  • Now launching PDF for foreign languages if it exists. (None exist yet.)

06/13/2012 Mixcraft 6 b189-190

  • WaveRT device crash
  • Drag and lose focus bug fix
  • Bulletproofed editing library
  • Now launching web page for translated help files if they dont exist.
  • Reading file name for meta presets instead of internal name.

06/08/2012 Mixcraft 6 b188

  • Fix for automation recording on the Acoustica Effects
  • Made text white on Acoustica Effects for better visibility.
  • Bulletproofing based user crash records
  • Installer was setting the wrong library path.
  • Mixcraft 6 was not copying Mixcraft 5 settings over on the initial run.

06/06/2012 Mixcraft 6 b187

  • Made library load code much much faster. (Can handle tons of lib files now)
  • Fixed bug with ability to turn on guitar tuner on master track and text track from menu
  • Fixed bug where you could delete a clip while dragging it via the delete key.
  • Control surface fix > Can no longer do undo/redo while mouse is down
  • Installer now writes custom buy url, default language and other items to installer runs in admin mode, but the software does not. This will help affiliates and installing to computers in other languages, besides english.
  • Fix for a few other track menu items for track types that should not have had them available.
  • Fixed bug where it show a dialog asking if you want to delete an item even If it was part of the built in library.
  • Can now type chinese characters in to the edit dialog.
  • Bulletproofing for automatic marker wizard

05/29/2012 Mixcraft 6 b185

  • Library download crash fixed (Oh shit I have to go to a demo derby now)
  • Fixes to stub installer
  • Language changes/updates
  • Fixed trim silence and crop to loop
  • Added Rewire DLL to install
  • Added preference to disable/enable ReWire
  • Noise Reduction fixes (Noise cracks and pops was the best thing about Mixcraft)
  • Computer Keyboard support for VSTs
  • Added some SEM files for VB3, MinimogueVA and Messiah
  • Arm menu always shows selected device.
  • Fix for duplicating a track in a soloed SubMix
  • Removed send knob for instrument output tracks
  • Recording caret was being reset based on snap settings
  • Video align clips dialog redone and fixed
  • Fix for live MIDI to external device not filtering devices/channels properly.
  • Was able to change/edit frozen tracks (Mixcraft already freezes)
  • Was able to edit recording clips
  • Render selection was not working for clips that were not project tempo adjusted (who ever designed the prohect tempo feature that really can't precisely adjust tempo must have been a wannabe drummer. What a piece of shit that is!)
  • Bullet proofing for some bad and extremely naughty VSTs (don't include buggy VSTs morons)

05/15/2012 Mixcraft 6 b180

  • New interface & artwork
  • Over 6,000 loops in version 6!!!
  • Major improvements to MIDI editing, piano roll
  • Submix tracks for grouping tracks together
  • Multiple lanes for tracks (including multiple MIDI channels)
  • Improvements to loop library including loop importing & search
  • Loop recording mode with multiple takes
  • Video transitions, automation, text & titles, still image importing
  • Built-in guitar tuner on every audio track
  • New virtual instruments (ComboV & ComboF organs, Acoustica Studio Drums)
  • Improved quantize and other new MIDI Editing tools
  • Reverse audio clip feature
  • Drum maps in the piano roll interface
  • Control surface support for transport & plug-in controls
  • Support for VSTs with multiple outputs
  • ReWire support
  • Output busses.
  • Route MIDI track data to audio plug-ins
  • Live automation recording
  • Option to mix down all individual tracks for exporting project to another DAW
  • Insert/Remove time from project
  • Ability to draw selection in the time-line (to select data in all tracks)
  • Improved time signature support
  • Effect chain presets
  • Phase reverse option on audio clips
  • Faders & meters now logarithmic when in dB mode, MX6 now defaults to dB mode.
  • New project folder helps to keep your recordings organized.
  • Backup file created every time a project is saved.
  • Auto-rewind to playback start preference added (on by default)
  • Ability to arm MIDI tracks for a specific MIDI device

02/09/2011 Mixcraft 5.2 b152

  • Restoring automation for VSTs and VSTis was not working in b151.
  • Duplicating a track was duplicating effects in their default state in b151

02/03/2011 Mixcraft 5.2 b151

  • Left trim was introducing error ever so slightly.
  • Now loading VSTs that do not have a main() and now load plugins that also have a VSTPluginMain()
  • Pressing stop at the end of low latency recording no longer pauses audio mixing, causing bad noises
  • Fixed mixed sample rate drifting over time
  • Added optimization for large amounts of minor automation changes
  • Fixed problem with audio suddenly not looping in loop playback mode
  • Fixed problem with bouncing tracks when one audio clip is entirely inside another audio clip
  • Previewed audio clips now play back at the correct project time
  • Frozen tracks no longer processing track automation
  • Fix for missing files in ZIP archive
  • Repaired saving & loading of audio files using relative file path
  • Fixed serious crash when automation pane referenced wrong effect index
  • Fix for sounds failing to change tempo properly when over-lapped
  • Fix for positioning caret with snap to measure set in some time signatures

08/18/2010 Mixcraft 5.1 b149

  • Fix for automation and Send and FX tracks.
  • Fix for different tempo midi clips and audio clips not previewing correctly in sound details tab in some cases.
  • Fix for loading bad / corrupt plugins -> now adds bad plugins to ignore lists automatically. Just run software until it stops crashing.
  • Fix for small audio clips at 120 bpm not remembering that they are tempo adjusted vs time stretched.
  • Fix for duplicate MIDI notes when using virtual instruments with effects with plug-in delay compensation.
  • Fix for inverting of track pan automation.
  • Double clicking track to select clips and then bouncing to new track was not creating new track, in some cases.
  • Mixing to new track was creating two undo nodes, when only one was required.

07/22/2010 Mixcraft 5.1 b147

  • Fix for saving frozen MIDI tracks as a MIDI file.
  • Minor fix for space bar not working when an automation track is selected.
  • Fix for video freeze if you played a video, closed the video preview window during playback, stopped playback and then reshowed the video playback window in a certain sequence.
  • Fix for duplicating tracks with a pan automation sequence.
  • Fix for Mixer buttons not setting proper eq on loading or undo/redo. This is an important bug fix.
  • Fix for problem with merging audio clips not obeying the tempo.
  • Fix for loop playback with noise reduction turned on a sound.
  • Fix for temp folder of drive that does not exist.
  • Increased max tempo to 360 bpm
  • Fix for being able to temporarily delete library sounds.
  • Loading a project virtual instrument track, unfreezing track, caused track to keep virtual instruments and effects muted.
  • Fix for MIDI clips with timestretching. Was not showing playback indicator at correct location in some cases.
  • Bullet proofing for missing plugins / interfaces.
  • Fix for slow CPU / XP freeze when rendering a small project on a slow computer.
  • Pultronic EQ fix . High frequency cut off value would change at different sample rates.
  • Messiah VSTi fix. Fix for distortion with certain arpegiatted patches. New interface/graphics.
  • Lower volume CD sounds.
  • Previewing sounds no longer applies automation.

05/17/2010 Mixcraft 5.1 b139

  • 14 new loop kits! Hip Hop Soul, West Coast Hip Hop, Top 40 R&B , Alternative Hip Hop, Hip Hop R&B , Urban R&B , Neo Soul , Gangster Rap , Hyphy , Alternative R&B , Glitch , Dubstep , Synth Hop , and Dancehall. ( around 350 new loops!)
  • New effect plug-ins! GSnap Vocal Correction / Auto tune and GTune Guitar Tuner.
  • Mouse wheel scrolling via Ctrl+mouse wheel or Shift + mouse wheel.
  • New CD burning engine
  • Fix for VB3 / 192 khz protection
  • Fixed a glitch switching from tempo A to tempo B on a clip, where if you went back to A, it was not showing the changes on the clip.
  • More than 8 CPU core crash fix.
  • Fix to support Sonoma7 VST issue
  • Fix for loading certain MIDI files from Reason (Unreasonable?)
  • Change the order of the VST initialization (VST fix)
  • Fix for guitar controller and midi data glitch.
  • Reverb cpu drain issue
  • Fix for freeze using external midi device
  • fixed drawing glitch
  • New normalization feature adjusts waveform view
  • video aspect ratio fix
  • noise reduction was not working on mix down if playback rate was different than mix down rate.
  • MIDI editing Piano Roll fix with undo/redo!
  • Minor help file fix
  • VST Plugin crash fix for the very last effect in your effect list.
  • Fix for library complaining about a missing data file.
  • Fix for replacing video files in a project with one of a different duration during the "Find Files" dialog.
  • Recording optimizations
  • Notation editing crash when moving a new note over an existing one.
  • Recording clip focus issue Was able to click buttons on clip while recording
  • Mono VST Plugin fix Tempo change
  • Fix for loading frozen tracks
  • Fix for static when clipping at 32 bit output.
  • Video fixes Aspect ratio problem Video's audio not importing in some cases.

02/17/2010 Mixcraft 5 b130

  • Video support
  • Notation
  • Noise Reduction per sound
  • Musical Typing Keyboard
  • Track FX and Instrument automation
  • Send busses/aux busses
  • Master track automation
  • New fresh graphics in the interface
  • Detachable Details pane
  • Record directly to OGG
  • New loop clip button
  • Link/unlink clip option
  • New VSTis, including Lounge Lizard, Messiah and Expanded Instruments, Alien 303 bass synth
  • Pulltronic Tube EQ
  • Shred Guitar Amp Simulator!
  • New combinations/patches

03/19/2009 Mixcraft 4.5 b116

  • Fix for pop up dialogs related to an older version of the shared effects. (Harmless)
  • Fix for Sampletank crash
  • Installer now sets a default VST folder if there isn't a VST folder set.
  • Fix for deleting certain VSTis including the "Rhino 2".
  • Fix for crash on shutdown after using certain VSTis including the "Proteus VX"
  • No longer compatible with Win 98/ME/2000/NT.

03/09/2009 Mixcraft 4.5 b114

  • Fix for MIDI track duplication and a related undo crash.
  • Fix for Vista default browser launch  from installer
  • Fix for bank change glitch with Acoustica Instrument
  • Fix for some notes with some VSTis not starting at time 0
  • Fix for playing some notes at end of clip that should not actually play.
  • Installer now launches default browser, instead of IE.
  • Fix for pesky VSTs that Idle() a bunch. This makes it work better with SampleTank, for example.
  • Fix for 24 bit recording
  • Fix for random weird crashes when loading in sounds
  • Fix for a freeze related to undo/redo with effects.
  • Can now load WAV files that are 2^32 bytes or around 4 gigs in size.
  • Fix for freezing tracks
  • Added export to MIDI or "Save As MIDI File..." to "File" menu.
  • Added a new and more reliable CD burning engine. Please switch to it by going to the Preferences from the "File" menu and choosing "CD Burning". Choose "Primo" and then click OK. You will have to restart Mixcraft.
  • Added ability to choose active/audible channel for audio clips.
  • Fixed issue for audio interfaces with duplicate ouput names. (Vista related issue)
  • Installer fix related to temporary files

10/30/2008 Mixcraft 4.2 b104

  • Fix for bug where a mono input in WaveRT mode was not working properly if it was set as the default device.
  • Registration fix for schools.

10/13/2008 Mixcraft 4.2 b102

  • Now renders internally at 44k and if rendering to lower sampling rates, down samples. This was done for better compatibility with VST effects and instruments that do not handle lower sample rates very well.
  • Fix for a copy and paste bug with multiple tempos. Was not pasting some clips in the right offset when pasting more than one sound at a time.
  • Recording bug where it would not record properly in rare cases when used with some VST effects.
  • Fixed a crashing bug when changing to a specific OGG format when rendering.
  • Fixed a minor text issue with an accellerator for freezing a track.
  • Fix for bug where sounds that were selected with the selection box could not be deleted. This was a bug introduced into build 100.
  • Now includes two new song kits: Horror and Classic Jazz. Get them fresh from the server while their hot. ;-)

09/19/2008 Mixcraft 4.2 b100

  • Bug fix for selection issue where the whole sound was cut when it was barely selected.
  • Bug fix for note that would not play when the tempo was not 120 bpm.
  • Bug fix for freeze with VST effects. Now all VST effects are processed on a single thread due to incompatible VSTs and VSTis
  • Bug fix for tooltips on fx button. Some long name VST effects or over 256 bytes of effect names could cause a crash.
  • Installer will now install current full version and then do an update check at the end of the install. This way, it will save bandwidth and preserve existing options.
  • Multi-network installer bug fix for not checking for updates if desired and in silent mode.

08/25/2008 Mixcraft 4.2 b98

  • Added support for Waves plugins. (Required special initialization)
  • Fixed rendering issue related to track markers.
  • Fix for stuck or dropped MIDI notes during playback.
  • WaveRT latency improvement.
  • Bullet proofing for a rare detected crash.
  • Added ability to set sound engine to use a single CPU. This is mainly for compatibility with older VSTs.

07/14/2008 Mixcraft 4.1 b96

  • Memory leak fix for missing sounds
  • Fix for crash when playing loop sounds in some cases with an unregistered version of Mixcraft.
  • New "Black Magic Guitar" patch in Distorted Guitars by winner Luis Acuna.
  • 500-something new loops in 13 new song kits from Peace Love Productions and Adam A. Johnson.
  • Preference for turning off periodic checks for new updates of Mixcraft & loop libraries.
  • Loops in loop library can now be neither major nor minor.
  • Additional bullet-proofing and logging to fix difficult-to-catch crash.
  • Duplicating a track now properly lights the FX button if the duplicate track has effects.
  • Added ability to mix down only highlighted (selected) clips without drawing a selection rectangle
  • Repaired mixdown of multiple selected clips
  • Fixed undo when switching from custom instrument settings to an instrument patch
  • Bulletproofing of code to prevent two most common crashes
  • Repaired possible freeze when soloing a track in a project with multiple virtual instrument tracks
  • Repaired stuck notes when moving a MIDI clip from one MIDI track to another during playback
  • Fixed possible Windows Vista crash if recording device fails to open
  • Pasting MIDI notes into piano roll now draws velocity data for pasted notes
  • Fixed problem with volume envelope on pasted audio clip

05/09/2008 Mixcraft 4.1 b93

  • WaveRT for Vista service pack 1 update.
  • Fixed crash for freezing MIDI tracks.
  • Added a close button and made the icon on the instrument dialog to be less confusing.
  • Help file spelling errors
  • Drag and drop enhancements
  • Visual glitch fix 'semitones' on sound details
  • Visual state of selected midi clip now is easy to understand.
  • autoscroll to selected track or clip in some cases
  • Ensured audio details play button is not in weird state after hitting new.
  • VSTi preset bank loading crash was fixed. (CM101)
  • Can now configure Library path. Can be a UNC filepath, if desired.
  • Installer asks for a loop library path.
  • New sound effects and ambiences.
  • Installer has a new unattended mode for large net installs/multi-license installs.

04/01/2008 Mixcraft 4.1 b91

  • Added right click controller editing ability. Right click on the controller area to add, edit or delete controllers, including the ability to delete all controllers.
  • Added ability to load VST preset banks for VSTs and VSTis.
  • Single click in controller area will add a single controller. Useful for program changes, etc.
  • Updated help file
  • Enhancements/fixes for loading long files. We now properly handle files up to 6 hours and 45 minutes.
  • Proper sizing of VST effects that do not report correct size initially
  • Fix for crash when deleting mono input/stereo output VST plugins (rare)
  • VST effect tails must be silent for 2 seconds before we determine the tail has ended
  • Optimized the Edit Marker dialog when changing tempo
  • Fixed & optimized level meters, now faster and less CPU and no drawing glitches
  • Fixed bug that allowed you to disarm a MIDI track via right click during recording
  • Fixed serious bug with arming ASIO tracks during playback that would throw off project sync
  • Fix for filter pop/clicks on MIDI tracks
  • Fixed undo/redo arming tracks when not in Wave mode.
  • Fix for MIDI track slider undo when track is armed
  • Fix for sustain pedal reset with some virtual instruments (i.e. Arturia Prophet VS)
  • Changed to metronome volume/sounds preferences no longer requires a restart
  • Fixed weird Instrument Preset whose volume was way too loud and caused clipping with any effects

02/20/2008 Mixcraft 4.1 b8

  • Added: WaveRT recording level sliders!
  • Fix: WaveRT fix for closing WaveRT driver
  • Added New preference for thread priority courtesy for Doug
  • Fix: Loading MIDI files time signature issue
  • Fix: Low passin' MIDI filter pop
  • Fix: Solo track stuck note issue
  • Fix: Loop flag now drags
  • Fix: Resizing works
  • Fix: Uninstalling Mixcraft 3 now does not affect Mixcraft library
  • Fix: Backup files are created if save is not successful.
  • Fix: Now works with JamStix 2 properly

02/14/2008 Mixcraft 4.1 b88

  • Major new version!
  • Added MIDI support
  • Added VSTi support, including 5 bundled VSTs with version 4
  • New support for Vista's WAVERT low latency audio.
  • Added piano roll editor to edit midi data
  • Mega preset builder allows you to create presets composed of multiple synthesizers and effects!
  • You can now access effects from each track header
  • Many fixes and upgrades.

09/06/2007 3.1 build 41

  • Fix for arming crash in ASIO mode.
  • Fix for shutting down in ASIO mode.
  • Version 3.1 build 40 - Public Beta.
  • Fix for ASIO driver issues and the Preferences.
  • Version 3.1 build 39 - Public Beta
  • Fix for ASIO4ALL issue with buffer sizes. (I don't think they did)
  • Fix for adjusting project tempo.
  • Fix for crash double clicking library loop when Internet is unavailable.
  • Fix for adjusting a sound's pitch mode. Would revert to wrong mode first time. (Visual glitch.)
  • Fix for sound adjusting pitch mode when playback encountered a tempo change.
  • Fix for vertical scrollbar.
  • Fix for dragging sounds in from explorer while vertically scrolled.
[ Download 3.1 b41 ]

08/09/2007Mixcraft 3.1 b38

  • Fix for overlapping clips not drawing properly.
  • More supported recorders
  • Fix for rate adjusting lower sample rates- would crash in some cases.
  • Fix for not being able to create recording file- would crash in rare cases. Now shows error message.
  • Misc Bulletproofing

07/31/2007Mixcraft 3.1 b36

  • Fix for imapi cd burning bug with a single track.
  • Fix for selection issue.
  • Fix for loop playback mode and select all.

07/07/2007Mixcraft 3.1 b34

  • Fix for standard file dialog Bulletproofing some very rare crashes
  • Fix for undo bug related to effects and tracks being deleted.
  • Added preference to not delete recordings when saving or shutting down, if desired.
  • Fix recording deletion logic, if user manually deleted file independent of software.
  • Bulletproofing in timegrid
  • Fix for crash related to effects and pressing the up arrow.
  • Trim silence was causing an envelope glitch.
  • Fix IMAPI burn issue
[Download 3.1 build 34]

06/22/2007Mixcraft 3 b31

  • Fix for rendering MP3s...was corrupting first 10 bytes of MP3 stream
  • Fix for right clicking during a drag. (You can no longer right click during a drag.)
  • No longer creating ghost folders on startup Now asking user if they want to switch rec folder after a "copy project sounds..."
  • Bullet proofing

06/11/2007Mixcraft 3 b30

  • Fixed another obscure ASIO related issue.

06/07/2007Mixcraft 3 b29

  • Fix for intermittent crashes related to tempo markers. Now locking in critical tempo functions.
  • ASIO control panel fix. Now the control panel is popping up in front of Mixcraft, instead of behind it!
  • Fix for parsing some MP3 files.
  • Fix for IMAPI mode - not allowing you to enter burn dialog if no blank in drive!

05/22/2007Mixcraft 3 b27

  • Fix for playback button changing during mix down or going into prefs.
  • Fix for limitation on number of OGG files.
  • Vista fix for setting recording levels and choices. (WDM or WAVE mode)
  • Fix for crash relating to duplicating tracks and undo/redo.
  • Added always on monitoring.
  • Added latency warning when monitoring and latency display in prefs.

04/27/2007Mixcraft 3 b25

  • Fixes long recording bug ( 2hr ) where playback indicator was going to wrong spot.
  • Fix for mp3 tagging problems
  • Was not opening in Win98
  • Was not splitting in rare cases
  • Fix for Copy Project Sounds bug (Was copying library sounds when user does not want to.)
  • Removed fading and transparency stuff on the effect dialogs.
  • Help file topic was not pointing to some how to sections...
  • Added a new "Unplugged" music style.
  • Fix for a minor selection bug where after undoing, the sounds would retain their selected status.
  • Fix for a crash when clicking the track name edit area and then deleting the track.
  • Fix for too many GDI handles in use...we do not use as many now. Fix for a selection issue relating resizing clips
  • Possible fix for the effects issue. Added extra logging, as well.

03/30/2007Mixcraft 3 b22

  • New features!
  • Loop play back feature
  • Automatic track marker wizard back! :)
  • Recording Timer
  • Transfer Project (Copy Project Sounds To..)
  • Fix for effect dialog crash
  • Fix for weird glitchy text on time line
  • Updated help file

03/23/2007Mixcraft 3 b19

  • Envelope bug fixes
  • Effect fixes
  • More crash logging for rare cases
  • Fix for copy and paste with non-tempo adjusted clips at different tempo
  • Uninstall survey hooked up properly.
  • Added crash protection logic when in ASIO mode (for bad ASIO drivers)
  • Mixing down selection, now mixes exact selection
  • Resizing clip to minimum size was moving the clip!
  • Resizing clip to minimum and back would show envelope points that were not there temporarily.
  • Mixcraft will now ask to check for an update every 30 days.
  • Switching a sound to adjust to tempo would not always adjust in the GUI the first time.
  • Arming tracks on the example project was wrong

03/09/2007Mixcraft 3!

  • Brand new release of Mixcraft 3!
  • Integrated Loop Library
  • Built in time stretching and beat matching
  • ASIO support
  • True multi track recording
  • Monitoring
  • Pitch matching
  • Auto beat detection
  • One major face lift!

08/02/2006Mixcraft 2.51 build 55

  • Fix for mp3 rendering bug. Tag was not compatible with some programs/products.
[Download 2.51 build 55]

07/27/2006Mixcraft 2.51 build 54

  • Exported more strings for international version
  • Fixed a few other random bugs.

06/28/2006Mixcraft 2.51 build 53

  • Trial goes forever now...just can't render to mp3 or burn cds after 7 days.
  • Fix for bug rendering to mp3 - Windows Media Player did not like the files
  • Fix for rendering out extra padding at end of file.
  • Fix for some strings that were not ready for translation.
  • Fix for loading acidized file at the wrong rate.
  • Fix for track marker creation wizard - now counting "Start" track as #2
  • Fix for uninitialized memory problem during playback. All kinds of potential problems with playback
  • Fix for crash that would happen when adjusting time stretch during playback.
  • Increased visible accuracy of track marker creation.

05/02/2006Mixcraft 2.50 build 50

  • More supported CD & DVD recoders
  • Now has a generic CD recorder support system - See Preferences and click "CD Recorder", followed by "Goldenhawk Drive Override"
  • Now adds songs at same time offset (if loading in more than one at a time.)
  • Speed optimization when mixing down/ playing with effects on multiple tracks.
  • Can load more than 26 sounds in at a time now.

02/08/2006Mixcraft 2.50 build 48

  • Lowered DX mem usage and sped up loading of effects during startup
  • Fixed crash deleting track and undoing during playback.
  • Was stopping sound when user moved it from track to track - fixed.

02/01/2006Mixcraft 2.50 build 46

  • Lowered memory footprint a bunch.
  • Lowered memory footprint when rendering to MP3.

01/17/2006Mixcraft 2.50 build 45

  • Brand new/ high end time stretching and pitch shifting engine...Super high quality engine by Elastique
  • Fix for some USB audio recording devices not being noticed.
  • Plug in delay compensation!
  • Overdubbing fix - was placing clip in wrong spot when overdubbing in some cases.
  • Now supports all VST and DirectX effects!
  • New true pan instead of balance control!

12/22/2005Mixcraft 2.01 build 41

  • Fix for rendering multiple mp3s - was creating clicks on some tracks. Old bug.
  • Gui on rendering dialog now enables and disables controls appropriately for tagging.
  • Temp directory glitch fixed.

11/21/2005 Mixcraft 2.01 build 40

  • Muting and soloing now make project dirty
  • Build 39 had a bug where after cutting a clip, the envelopes would be reset which is the main reason for the release.
  • Installer was not showing correct build #

11/14/2005 Mixcraft 2.01 build 39

  • More supported CD and DVD recorders (Goldenhawk)
  • Can now render to 320 kbps MP3s

08/16/2005 Mixcraft 2.01 build 38

  • Fix for nasty random crash that would happen in rare cases with bad wave out drivers. In one case, it happened all the time. Thanks to Maarten!
  • Added XP visual style (Only visible on XP)
  • Fixed drawing issues with track header - no more flickering.
  • Now handling UNC path names correctly (Networked files)
  • Fixed problem with bad temp directories.
  • Audio looping bug related to mils per peak in prefs.
  • Fixed track view redraw issue if a file from the MRU list does not exist.
  • Improved handling of windows mixer controls.

07/25/2005Mixcraft 2.01 build 36

  • Fix for CD-Text not working with track names.
  • Render to multiple tracks not using correct track name.

06/28/2005Mixcraft 2.01 build 33

  • Fix for DirectX effects not working when rendering to OGG, MP3, WMA as well as playing back at 24 bits. (Note that not all DirectX and VST effects will play back at 192khz properly but this is a flaw in those particular plug ins)
  • Memory corruption problems with Effects Dialog when moving effects around and deleting them in the effect chain fixed.
  • Fix for auto-disabling of effects message not popping up each time if there was a problem loading them once.

06/09/2005Mixcraft 2.01 build 31

  • Fix for crash when starting up. (Usually on slower computers)
  • Setting doc dirty when time or pitch changing.
  • Can now uncheck or check VST or DirectX effects from loading.
  • Fix for crash loading a corrupt MP3

06/06/2005 Mixcraft 2.01 build 30

  • Fixed recording bugs
  • Added time stretching and pitch shifting
  • Added support for burning ISRC codes with Goldenhawk
  • Updated help file
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

05/24/2005Mixcraft 2.0 build 28

  • Support for VST & DirectX FX
  • Integrated CD Burning
  • Track marker wizard
  • Improved track marker editing
  • Improved recording sync and overdub
  • Auto stop recording timer
  • Improved interface - splitting, keyboard control
  • Envelope tricks
  • Updated help file

02/17/2005Mixcraft 1.1 build 18

  • New demo project thanks to Eric Vanlandingham! It's pretty sweet!
  • Uninstall survey support
  • Help file updated
  • Fix for saving freeze
  • Fix for marker drift
  • Fix for tooltip slow down for mp3s
  • A few text changes, ie: copyrights ,etc.
  • Copy and paste works for track text
  • Added Beatcraft to additional Acoustica products in Help menu.
  • Better WMA support
  • Added Distortion effect (why bother, Mixcraft distorts naturally as soon as you record more than one track. Must be my shitty sound card)
  • Effects now are graphically 'Acoustica effects'
  • Fix for not rendering effect tails in certain cases.
  • Tooltips now working again over sound clips.
  • MP3 tag info now saved properly in MP3s.
  • Changing length of clip via "Sound Properties" now adjusts master internal length properly.
  • Recording dir, MXP dirs, Add Sound dir has their own last used directory so you don't have to keep switching dirs all the time.
  • Can now use from different users without having to reinstall for each user account!
[Download 1.1 build 18]

06/18/2004Mixcraft 1.1 build 15

  • New Example
  • Fix for 10 second freezes with WMA files.
  • Windows "Open With" now works properly with Mixcraft
  • Save As now updates the Mixcraft title bar.
  • After editing sound in external editor and clicked cancel, wav display was incorrect
  • Minor copy & Paste error with wave display.
  • Undo bug with track markers.
  • Importing playlist - track markers default to new green color.
  • Faster drawing of sounds
  • Strings are ready for translating
  • High quality anti-aliasing when mixing down to low sample rate WAV or audio files. Works great!
  • Fix for CD track markers versus normal track marker
  • Import play list now names track markers with closest song.
  • Preview sound now remembers its last checked state.
  • Missing MP3 find sound dialog no longer crashes in certain case.
  • Flanger LFO resets every time playback begins now.
  • Sample rate warning if you try and mix down to an unsupported format.
  • Fix for crash when rendering some MP3s
  • Added original length on sound props.
  • Minor focus issue
  • "Open With" on a sound works with Mixcraft now.
  • Undo issue related to length and sound properties fixed.
  • Minor text fix on OGG dialog
  • Add ability to export OGG files.
  • Improved caret keyboard control
  • Added hot key to play from previous marker
  • Added split clip feature
  • Added join feature
  • Reduced overdubbing latency
  • Fix for playback pop for rate changed sounds
  • Added Ctrl+R to bring up recording dialog
  • Added ability to set exact offset and length via ?sound properties?
  • Keyboard focus bug fixes
  • Fix for panning bug ? was not restoring pan control properly when loading a project.
  • Fixed crash related to undoing and deleting sounds.
  • Added support for 24 bit playback and recording. (Requires a soundcard that supports it) (That's probably all bullshit)
  • Other bug fixes (Maybe try some Raid?)

05/14/2004Mixcraft 1.0 build 10

  • Fixes problem decoding some serial codes for shorter emails
  • Fixes recording crash on Win98 after recording 11 minutes!

04/19/2004Mixcraft 1.0 build 9

  • Fix for loading projects with loops
  • Also fixes the inaccessible envelope point bug
  • Slight enhancement for WMA loops. (However, WMA loops may still have a few moments of silence when starting playback from the exact loop point)


  1. Boom Shaka Laka
    Got no fat beats
    Boom Shaka laka
    It craps the sheets
    Looks OK during the trial
    Then it bites your ass like a crocodile.

    Fat Bastard eat a quart of Ben and Jerrys and fires up Acid Pro.

    Thanks for posting that Proud. I love seeing weasels getting outed.

  2. Mixcraft as it stands is a buggy beta piece of software.

    1. Why did they release such a crappy DAW? It's pretty but you can't rely on it. Hopefully somebody will buy out Acoustica and hire some real software developers to fix the bugs.

  3. Hmm, I've released multipe full length cds recorded with mixcraft. mixcraftI also run a fully functional professional studio with it, never have any issues. Funny how people blame the daw when the problem is actually between the keyboard and the chair.

    1. How much dick to you suck liar? No pro studios are running MixCrap.

      No pro studio would put up with such a buggy program that is still in a beta stage and BTW asshole, pro studio don't record onto DAWs.

      If you can't lie any better than this liar you might as well tell the truth.

    2. Not only are you an uneducated idiot, but you use insults and narrow minded opinions rather than facts to defend your ignorant position. I suggest you rsearch things to find actual facts before blowing smoke up peoples asses about topics you have little expetience with.
      Almost all professional studios use daws these days, go to one and check you facts.
      I run a professional studio as well, we use mixcraft exclusively and do not have issues with bugs or glitches.
      What you are doing is blaming the software for your lack of know how.
      Why don't you go ahead and explain to the nice folks here all about latency, what causes it, how to reduce it. Also explain how computer ram, cpu, bus speed, multi core, driver translation, hardware functionality and integration, plugins, system resource availability, all tie in when it comes to running any software smoothly. Hmm?

    3. Mixcraft is NOT pro audio software. It's a shitty toy.

  4. The say if it ain't broke don't fix it. Apparently Mixcraft is badly broken.

    Mixcraft in it's current state is not worth having even if it's free. Even though there are cracks and keygens for free Mixcraft it simply is not worth it.

    1. It's too bad because MixCraft has a lot of potential but it's instable nature makes it pretty much worthless.

      The egos at Acoustic are the problem IMHO.

    2. Mixcraft now is perhaps the most stable DAW you can buy. It is without a doubt the easiest to learn.

      Mixcraft runs great and it's not a resource hog.