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Reaper and Why It Sucks

What Others Are Saying:

I'm suspicious that most people who like reaper are more interested in tweaking and fiddling with settings than actually producing output.. im not saying thats a crime and i may be wrong but at the end of the day i dont want to screw around with settings at all, i just want the DAW to do the basics really well and be as stable as possible, rather than offer lots of functions which are often flakey..

My personal thoughts when I tried it was that its got lots of potential but i just found it too buggy, everytime i tried it would be crashing within 20 minutes on some random thing i would try and do..

I want to like it more because its driven by an awesome philosophy, low cost + small footprint and regularly updated and also has a strong community which is great but ive found its just not as stable as it should be on the systems ive tried.. So I hope the developers at some point stop focussing on adding more features and aim for greater stability on a wider range of setups, if it really improved in that regard I'd be using it without question.


It's very unintuitive I think. It took me 20 minutes to figure out how to trigger my external synth using a midi keyboard and have the sound come back on a different track. The MIDI editing is kind of weird too... It's not that great IMO.

I just got too used to PT, the most logical program of them all (probably the least stable too).


Since you asked, it sucks IMO:

No area selection
No dedicated beat detective/flex-time (but you can do it with sws extentions)
Ugly Fx gui
Unstable with many au plug-ins on OSX, lots of crashes.
Crappy sampler
As an consequence of the above, no way to make an instrument of sliced items(regions)

That´s it for now.


I've tried installing Reaper maybe about 10 times over the years. EVERY SINGLE TIME IT CRASHED, either during startup (while scanning VST's) or while selecting any VSTi instrument or effect.

I have been using many VST's and VSTi's for many years and I don't have the time to figure out which ones are crashing Reaper. Every other DAW/Host i've used does NOT crash. (MultitrackStudio, SAVIhost, Cantabile, Music Creator 4, FL Studio Fruity Edition, Energy XT 1.4, Energy XT 2.5, Energy XT beta 2.6, Wavosaur).

Reaper might be choking on DirectX plugins too, I'm not really sure, but I do have some of those. But then again, even those work in old programs such as DDclip Pro.

But overall, I give up on Reaper every time because I want to be making music not crash testing eternal buggy beta-ware.

Don't get me wrong, I WANT to like Reaper because it has some good features and a pretty good manual, but somehow it's just NOT jiving with my system and the fanboys are too busy cheering it on as a hero to hear the modest cries of despair from guys like me who are having a sh*tty time with Reaper.

I tried Reaper on Windows 98 SE, Windows XP SP2 OEM, Windows Vista 32bit Home, and finally Windows XP SP3, a few months ago. I tried it on an older computer and on a newer computer. Like I said, it failed every time crashing very hard. Other times in the past it sputtered unacceptably even after ASIO was configured.

Something just isn't right with Reaper because like I said the other programs I've used don't crash with my plugins and I DO weed out the bad ones whenever I first test them.

Please, Reaper fanboys, don't get on my case. All I'm stating is the truth as I experienced it. You may have had better luck than me, but your truth does not supercede my truth.

And I did try the Cockos bug report forums too. All they prove is that I'm not the only one with ISSUES!



Reaper is good if you're using a PC. If you like Mac's as you do, then why go to Reaper - which CAN crash often - rather than Logic Pro 9 which offers so much more, plus excellent stability when combined with Apogee interfaces?

A Mac/Logic Pro 9/Apogee interface combo is, IME, the most stable home recording rig you can use - and still be considered pro level & complete.

Mac & Apogee fully integrate the soft & hardware. I haven't had one crash in 19 months of using it almost everyday.

Sure Reapa is Cheapa! But it's not in league with Logic 9 or Pro Tools HD in anyway. Those are the two DAW's found most in use by today's studio's.

If you're into Mac's, then I'd go with Pro Tools 9 & Apogee. Why deal with crashes all the time? Get all the bell's & whistles plus stability for under $500.



Here are my thoughts

I'm genuinely glad it's working out for some people, one of my mates is a complete tech head and he loves it. He's not a songwriter or a musician though which I found interesting

I personally couldn't stand it

It seems to appeal to people who would rather put their creativity into being able to do certain things in 158 different ways rather than just one way really well

I also just can't ignore the fact that the designer contributed, albeit indirectly, to a large proportion of piracy which has incontravertibly decimated our industry

For me PT9 HD Native rocks (with a little Logic 9 thrown in here and there for good measure) 


The last version I tried (which crashed multiple times until I gave up on it) was put out in March 2011 I think. That may seem old until you put into perspective that I try installing it a few times every year (since about 2006).
That makes it like beta-ware for guys like me whom it crashes upon.


I bought this hoping it would be a Huge improvement from the old software i had(Audacity) but it was actually worse. It had tons of latency issues and the drum tracks get distorted. I say its provably because it was built for like 2000 dollar computers that can handle all that crap but i am just a college student on a budget. Overall, buy it if you have a super expensive computer that can handle all the requirements that it needs

I agree Marcos but even if you have a super high end computer with a great sound card Mixcraft crashes and freezes and Acoustica has no answer.  Don't go by the customer reviews here. Do a Google search.  Mixcraft is unstable. It's pretty and has a decent work flow but unless and until acoustica fixes it and makes it stable it's a huge waste of money.

It is a resource hog but that is because of bad code. I compared it to Reaper which is stable which is not a resource hog and runs well with only 3ms latency. Reaper IMO is not worth the the $40 dollars because the plugins that come with it suck and when you add decent plug ins it acts like Mixcraft and crashes.

Even with a high end computer Mixcraft has high latency and crash issue whereas Reaper is stable until you ad plug ins. Both programs are way over rated. Do your research before you waste your time learning a DAW. 

At $40 what do you have to lose?

Time learning a new DAW and $40 plus the cost of all the plug ins!  The grass is never greener on the other side, I know that now.


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  1. Reaper is for geeks who like solving software issues. It stifles cretivity becuse it is counter-intuitive. It Geekware in beta stage or betaware in Geek stage. It's a pug ugly program that is designed to get the user to buy expensive plug ins so that it won't suck as bad.

  2. Reaper is not good and it's enthusiasts are flaming assholes.

  3. This is hilarious! You are making all this up, in an earlier post you were even praising Reaper for its stability!

    1. Sorry sperm guzzler, It was stable on my computer but not everyone has been that lucky. I am merely reporting what others are saying.

      Reaper is a POS. To get it useful you have to by and install effects and instrument you fucking nerd fuck.

      When you go to the mind reader, do you pay half price?

    2. One more thing you lying geekoid, I see your wheel is still spinning but the hamster is dead.