Thursday, August 11, 2016

How To Properly Use A DAW To Make Great Music

 Right Down To It, a modern blues masterpiece by RL Kuhn was recorded, mixed and mastered on a DAW by composer and gunslinger guitarist R.L. Kuhn Productions.

In order to use a DAW and not produce shit you have to be a musician. DAWS have made it so any asshole can produce something resembling music and that has added to the demise of music because listeners have to wade through more shit than ever to find music that doesn't suck. To all you gear queers, and fuck wads make rap, house, EDM, electronica etc... your music will suck regardless of the DAW you are using because unlike R.L. Kuhn, you lack one vital component... TALENT!

In the song Right Down To It, Kuhn is playing all the instruments and he's playing them well. That takes many talents. Unfortunately for songwriters who may not be great performers, vocalists, or instrumentalists today's music industry is not going to find your songs. You need to be like R.L. Kuhn and be good at everything. Kuhn is one of these rare people who not just a jack of all trade and a master of none. Kuhn's play, production, engineering, and arranging in masterful.

Motivated by the ongoing demise of the music industry Kuhn is currently working on ways for undiscovered musically talented people to be heard. Kuhn has his people scouring song sites such as Soundcloud in order to find deserving talented folks and nurture their talent by offering mastering services, putting their music on internet radio and linking to their tracks.

If you would like to help, watch the above video on Youtube and give it a like and then subscribe to his channel.


  1. There is great talent in every genre of music. Don't be an arrogant, hateful dinosaur.
    Yes a lot of modern music sucks, but a lot of rock, folk, bluegrass, and whatever other ancient things you might snobbishly consider to be "real music" can suck also.

    1. Music today is lame and fake most of it and if there is anything good you won't be hearing it on terrestial radio. Music sales are in the toilet and continuing to decline. CDs are hardly available and the streaming services are screwing artists.

      As a joke I made an EDM song with some loops in Mixcraft and it was stolen by an EDM con artist named P-Money and a slimy company called Beatport. The are stonewalling me.

      This is the industry today.

      The crooks at Tunecore filed a copyright strike because they said I stole ocean waves.
      They need to be tossed in prison and raped to death.

      I don't even compose EDM but when I have it is better than the crap that is selling.