Thursday, October 10, 2013

Acoustica Beatcraft Sucks

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Beatcraft not compatible with Mixcraft BLAME THE COMPUTER!

Tempos Drifting With Beatcraft

Timing problems in Beatcraft

More Tempo Glitches With Beatcraft!

Can't Do Tempo Changes in Beatcraft

Beatcraft can't swing it.

Sounds change when rendering.

beat craft is killing me!!!

I'm trying to program death metal drums into beatcraft. It sucks!!! I can't find a way to change tempo within the pattern so I'm trying to change time sigs just sucks. Anyone have any clue on what to do?

Re: beat craft is killing me!!!

Yeah Beatcraft blows... you have to do each part with seperate tempos in different pieces, so export a wave for each part with a different tempo.

I'd recommend EZdrummer for anything that needs metal drumming.

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Re: beat craft is killing me!!!

+1 on EZ Drummer. Can't beat it for death metal. especially with that double tempo button... Mmmmm Mmmmm. Like having Gene Hoglan right there with you.
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Re: beat craft is killing me!!!

Another +1 to EZdrummer.. I used to program everything in Beatcraft, and DAMN, EZdrummer completely wins in sound and ease of use.

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