Tuesday, April 29, 2014

KVR Audio Sucks!

Or you'll be banned from the forum!
Avoid KVRAudio!http://kvrsucks.freevar.com/

One of our contributors responded to this thread 

KVR: Forum Topic - Cubase 7.5, 37 crashes in 5 hours.

KVR: Forum Topic - Cubase 7.5, 37 crashes in 5 hours.

 on  KVR forums and because he agreed with the OP the slime at KVR banned him and removed his post. Don't trust anything you read on KVR Audio. Like many audio forums  KVR is rife with industry plants.

KVRAudio.com Sucks asks, "Who can trust a website which relies TOTALLY on advertising from the manufacturers of the products it features?"

Update! The corporate Nazis at KVR will ban you if you discuss THIS!

It turns out that they will ban you for discussing Hypersonic 2. For more info on this CLICK HERE.