Sunday, April 27, 2014

Music Technology and Poor Instruction Manuals

I receive emails from disgruntled customers all the time. Many of them are about the suckiness of DAW and interfaces but a good share of them are about hardware. The problem with hardware is poor customer support and that would include poor instructions. Depending on how one particular company responds to a customer support issue I may be ringing the death knell for them.

Let's all work to get the geeks out of music and that means kicking the shit out of some of the musical technology companies. No more geeks and gear queers!


  1. Looking forward to seeing who you bury next! I love it when monoliths get toppled.

  2. This company actually makes some solid gear but with too many bells and whistles. Their customer relations and market sucks. Hint: Japanese engineer are very clever and American distributors are greedy fucking assholes.