Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Take No Guano From The DAW Companies

Most DAW software has more bugs than an ant hill and is about as stable as the Middle East.

As most DAW users know, when a new version of a DAW come out that's when the shit starts and since most people are lemmings they will swallow that shit and deal with that shit. When a company releases a buggy version of a DAW what they are in effect doing is charging uses for beta ware and relying on the purchaser to beta test it. That is what I call a fucking screw job.

If a company is selling shitty software it is your right and moral obligation to trash that company because anything else make you fucking pathetic boot licker.

There are fucking nerdy weenies who will defend their shitty DAW of choice from any criticism. Some of the biggest assholes are the Reaper geeks in their pathetic defense of the indefensible. Reaper sucks. Reaper sucked then and it sucks now and there is no reason to believe that Reaper won't suck in the future.

Reaper is just a shitty DAW because of it layout, work flow, instability and functionality but that is not the worst part. Owning Reaper is like buying a shitty car that needs new parts to make it run right and that would not be so bad but in the case of Reaper those parts (the plug ins) end up making Reaper worse.

Reaper is at best an incomplete DAW that requires many third party plugins to make it live up to its alleged potential. Think of it as trying to get Chrysler parts to work in Ford or Chevy. Some may work fine, most will be troublesome and other will not work at all while causing a cascade of problems.

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