Friday, November 21, 2014

Mixcraft is Now Worth Every Penny

Mixcraft 6.1 Is Now A Superb Daw - Demotivational Poster

As many of the high priced DAW got shittier and shittier Mixcraft improved. What initially attracted people to Mixcraft is that they were looking for a PC version of Garage Band. Mixcraft is now even better than Garage Band and it has graduated to the big league and is now capable of producing recordings equal to or better than the troublesome high priced DAWS without all the bullshit.

Musician make the best music. Geek music sucks. Mixcraft is not only a good mastering tool it is a good tool for songwriters and composer.

While I will not recommend any DAW or audio gear I will say that since Acoustica has debugged Mixcraft it seems to be the most trouble free DAW out there. Others may not agree. It clearly beats the shit out of Reaper, Audition, Studio One, Cubase 7.5, Sonor, Protools ect..

Based on my recent experience and based on what I have read Acoustica's forum there seems to be very few users having problems with Mixcraft. Let's hope that Acoustica doesn't fuck it up when they release Mixcraft 7.

Based on all the criteria for DAWs Mixcraft is now a winner.


If you go to Acoustica's Forum you will read very little users there presenting with problems. Other forums are loaded with users crying for help and forum insiders saying shit like, "This has never happened to me" and then picking a fight with the person looking for help. Reaper and KVR forums are loaded with fucking lying shit heads who are insiders.

If a DAW is troublesome chances are it is not the user of the user's computer, it's the DAW. Cubase 7 for instance was not horrible but experienced pro engineers are pulling their hair out because Cubase 7.5 sucks so much now. CLICK HERE FOR REAPERS FORUM If you want to have some fun go there are troll the arrogant turds who defend the indefensible POS that is Reaper.

Mixcraft is not perfect... no DAW is but it is IMO now as good as anything out there at least for my needs. If your capture is good, even a rank beginner can make decent sounding recordings.

I would challenge a good engineer to use an identical capture of guitar, bass, drums, keys and vocals and mix and master them on the top DAWs and then Mixcraft and see which one sounds best.


  1. I got MC 6 for doing voice overs and it has worked great so far. I really glad they fixed it.

  2. I love the fact that Proud FA kicked Acoustica's ass and Acoustica rose to the occasion and made it stable.

  3. When it come to consumer goods people need to stop being lemmings. Right now I would like to see people trashing satellite and cable tv gangsters.

    1. I dropped Rogers Cable Cable TV and Internet service recently in Toronto because they were morons, I told them what the channels I wanted were, in response they recommended me a package for an over-priced $160 per month which I assumed would contain those channels, because what kind of idiot would recommend a package that didn't contain the channels a customer is telling you they want? Well that kind of idiot is a Rogers Customer service representative. After 8 days of calling them trying to fix the problems I was getting with viewing the channels I explicitly asked for, they then informed me that the $160 per month package did not include those channels and if I wanted those channels I would have to pay $225 per month. At that point after arguing with them on the phone over two days I finally managed to cancel my Cable TV and Internet service with them. Since then I've been using only Netflix and Teksavvy Internet service for a combined $43 per month and I have never been happier!

  4. Might you consider changing the title of your blog then? I like your no BS approach regarding DAWs, but it might be more appropriate to call this DAWs Suck, or Most DAWs Suck.

    The point is, people are going to use them. A hobbyist like me for example who uses Mixcraft for personal enjoyment and certainly isn't going to invest in real recording equipment.

    And so how many people maybe end up buying Reaper (that you think is shitty) instead of Mixcraft (that you think is worth every penny) in part based on the existence of a blog titled Mixcraft Sucks?

    Just a thought from a satisfied Mixcraft user (with no affiliation whatsoever to Accoustica),

    1. I think that this blog is the reason Acoustica fixed Mixcraft. There are a lot of meta tags that are bringing people to this site and there are a lot of articles about high priced DAWS that suck. This gets entry level people aware of the industry and what is good and what is a rip off.