Sunday, June 26, 2016

Scott Grove and Guitardation

Youtuber Scott Grove of Groovy Music Lessons tells it like it is. You gotta love that. I think Scott coined the phrase guitarded and maybe I have coined the phrase guitardation. Guitar people can be dumber than a second coat of paint. They are so easily led and conned by the manufacturers into buying expensive junk. In the video, Scott Grove does blind sound tests on 6 acoustic guitars. I won't tell you the results but I will say that price often has very little with how a guitar, particularly an acoustic guitar, sounds or plays.

The guitarded are easily sucked in by the name on the headstock, marketing hype, and the bling. Building an acoustic guitar is not rocket surgery and that my be why the Chinese knockoffs of Martin and Taylors are often nearly indistinguishable from the real thing. I can understand the enthusiast owning a small herd of guitars. Personally, I own some classical guitars, a 12 string, and a couple of six string guitars. The most expensive one I own is a Yamaha FG-720S that sells for $280 at Sweetwater Music. Its tone is balanced and unlike most Martins it's has a good neck and it's stable I bought it used along with a Gator case for $150. It has a solid Sitka top and mahogany back and sides. Why should I pay $2000 plus for a Martin with a clunky neck that doesn't sound any better and needs to be at a repair shop every month? The guitarded pay way too much for pretty and expensive guitars and those bullshit boutique amps. Dear Guitarted, if you want a decent amp get a Fender, a Marshall, or a Mesa or one of their clones. Another guy that gives it to you straight is Rob Chapman of Anderton's Music. Check out Anderton's blind shootouts.

For all you guitar gear queers, wise up and stop getting conned.

I'll be writing an article about electric guitardation soon. Stay tuned.

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