Monday, June 6, 2016

Mixcraft 7 Reviews

From all accounts, Mixcraft 7 is a winner. It would appear that Mixcraft 7 is a stable and user-friendly DAW with plenty of bells and whistles to make the recording, mixing, and mastering processes a joy instead of a chore. Unlike other DAWs Mixcraft respects the user by making navigation commonsensical and intuitive. Acoustica respects the users by offering free tutorials at Mixcraft University on YouTube

These Reviews are from the Sweetwater website. I highly recommend doing business with Sweetwater while avoiding Musicians Friend. 

Acoustica Mixcraft Pro Studio 7 Reviews

  • from San Diego,CA U.S.AMay 26, 2016


    First of,I wanna give a shout out to my home boi Scott Bennett( X1738)for being an awesome sales engineer at sweetwater and right hook ups for my musical needs. Give the Brutha a call!!

    Now as for the Mixcraft pro 7, I'm dumbfounded of its SIMPLICITY AND EASE OF USE,VERY HIGH-QUALITY SOFTWARE FOR THE MONEY!social media ready,does not require too much processing and ram for plug-ins! but it does not hurt to have lots of it. I've been a pro-tool user for ten years,v7-v9+extreme learning curves) frustrated at times and never giving up which is great but,recording your art should be fun,smooth flowing without hindrance and this does that really well. EZ PEEEZY BABY! AND FUN! And If you dig analog mixers of the past,then you'll luv this software! it has individual channel mixer set up like an analog board at bottom screen.This has more than what I'll ever need! I;m a simple guy and if your like me then you'll dig it as well...

    Anyways there's nothing bad to say at all about this product,plus the book(manual) that it came with is just as easy and user friendly for quick set up and quick start up. Pro tool is not for me,there are people that swear by it,and its all good,just not for me. Acoustica Mixcraft Pro Studio 7 is a steal for the money! just add to cart and bring back the fun of recording again..

  • from LouisianaApril 16, 2016Music Background:
    underground producer

    Blown away

    I have mix craft 7 home studio I'm normally a reason user but I must say I'm very impressed with the DAW program it is very user friendly and u can compose and record very good program mixcraft 7 is all you need lall I can say is protools and logic watch out

  • from USAMarch 5, 2016

    Great value, intuitive interface.

    Acoustica Mixcraft is a powerful DAW with an easy to learn interface.
    Great customer support and an active, helpful and friendly online user community.
    Mixcraft 7 and Mixcraft 7 Pro Studio offer a great alternative to other complex and expensive products on the market.
    Note that there is a standard version between the "Home studio" and "Pro Studio" version. The great folks at Sweetwater need to show this version in the catalog as well!

  • fromNovember 21, 2015

    Wow really good software

    Super easy to use....can produce really clear quality stuff with the right set up.....good for beginners!!

  • from Macon, GaNovember 9, 2015Music Background:
    Christian Rapper, Freelance Mixing & Mastering Engineer

    Mixcraft Pro Studio 7 is my go to DAW!!!

    I was an Avid Pro Tools 8 user for about 5 years and I became annoyed by the freezing, crashing, and rebooting that I had to do constantly when recording directly into the DAW and when I was zealous with the plugins. So I took a chance on Mixcraft 7 and I fell in love with it. It has all of the features of Pro Tools that I like but at a much cheaper price and easier on the cpu. I don't ever plan to go back to Pro Tools.

  • from SeifJuly 28, 2015Music Background:

    Great Deal

    Easiest DAW I ever came across, and yet it's so cheap, and has all of the features major DAWs have

  • from AlabamaJuly 16, 2015Music Background:
    Producer/Beat Maker

    Great DAW ! BEST PRICE ! WOW !!!

    I LOVE HOW EASY it is to use ! Best low cost price ! Does it all ! Can hang with the best of the DAW'S on the market ! Make great beats and all types of music with this DAW ! Great for Start Up Studio's !! Great for beginners and pro's too !! Record what you want with no problem ! Very Professional gear here ! Very Good Price ! BIG BANG For Your bucks !! Pro Tools you guys better watch out ! Acoustica Mixcraft Pro 7 is all good ! Works with any recording interface out there ! I have nothing but Love for this DAW ! 64 Bit all day !

  • from USAJune 9, 2015

    MixCraft is AWESOME!!

    MixCraft 7 Pro Studio has come a long way. I had MixCraft 5 but it lacked a lot of features I needed at the time. None-the-less it was a very nice DAW that I felt was heading in a great direction. FFW I upgraded to MixCraft 7 Pro Studio and am blown away by not only the features and enhancements Acoustica has added but the quality and simplicity is astounding as well. Everything just works the way it should. I have 3 other DAWS, all much more expensive and let me just say MixCraft can easily keep right up with them and it does most everything they can do. In some areas even better. This is a fantastic piece of recording software and Acoustica's support is stellar too. Don't let the low price fool you. This is one very powerful and efficient DAW!

  • fromMay 12, 2015Music Background:
    Recording Artist, Studio Engineer

    Mixcraft Pro Studio 7

    First off, I want to say that I'm a huge fan of Mixcraft. I've been using Mixcraft as my primary DAW since Version 4. I've also used other DAWs in the past, such as ProTools, Sonar, Cakewalk, and Reaper. They are all good programs, but for me, Mixcraft is all I need. I can take a song from start to finish in no time without the hassle of bouncing this and that. I can easily manage my hundreds of plugins too! Mixcraft's Pro Studio Reverb is the best sounding reverb I've ever heard. The various functions found within Mixcraft have a low learning curve, which means you can be up and running, producing great music in no time. Mixcraft's latest version comes in both 32 and 64-bit. The 64-bit version can run both 32 and 64-bit plugins, which is awesome. The bottom line is that you won't find a better DAW out there for the money!!

  • from USDecember 8, 2015Music Background:
    Rock & Film, Music Studio, Production

    This is the DAW to watch

    I am embarrassed at the amount of music software I own and use. Pro Tools 9, Studio one 3, Reason 8, Sonar, Reaper 5, Samplitude Prox2,FL Studio 12, Harrison Mixbus 3, and Tracktion 6 all have a place in my heart for different reasons. Each has their strength and Mixcraft is simply to easiest and best way to learn the layout of your typical linear DAW. It can hang with the big boys in terms of features and its actually a blast to work inside of due to its ease of use and wealth of options. As of version 7, it plays nice with all of the plugins(And i have ALOT) that ive tried it with. It seems to be marketed towards rock musicians and thats cool but I would almost say its one of the most versatile workstations in terms of genre creating that ive worked with. To me, Mixcraft feels a lot like Samplitude ProX by Magix but at about 1/3 the price. I like where these guys are heading and within a version or two it'll be giving the big boys in the DAW world something to worry about

  • fromJuly 11, 2015

    Mixcraft is Awesome!

    Mixcraft pro studio is the best. Easy to use, and powerful! I would recommend this to all beginners. Powerful Daw


  1. Um... has Mixcraft been discontinued? Why has the Acoustica website been down for so long?

    1. They are up and running and recently released Mixcraft 8 and from everything I read it is the mother of all DAWS. It lacks nothing.