Sunday, September 11, 2016

Youtube and TuneCore Ripping Off Bands


From the article....

Like many bands, we use Tunecore to service our music to digital stores. They have an option to automatically add your music to all new stores as they become available. After further investigation, it seems that they have added YouTube Topic as a store. We contacted Tunecore and explained that we never agreed for our music to be placed on YouTube and that streaming our albums in their entirety, as third party videos, that can be shared on any social platform, was not what we would consider a store. After an initially combative stance, they then backtracked and apologized, promising to remove our music from YouTube Topic.
However, it is only because we kicked up a fuss that they offered to remove our music. Any band using Tunecore's automated store option will find that their music is also being added to Topic. This in turn allows for unlimited social media sharing, advertising revenues being collected on your behalf by Tunecore, and songs that you may have wished to have been exclusive to a particular release or platform, no longer being so.

At time of writing our music is still up on YouTube Topic, and our second albumGo Forth and Multiply has also been added. Though tempting for any band for their music to be in as many places as possible, it seems it might be advisable to be far more selective and focused on where your music is available.
Well Hung Heart
The artist who wrote this article is a member of the Band Well Hung Heart (On Facebook). I urge all are reader to support Well Hung Heart by attending their concerts, downloading the music and buying their merchandise. 


  1. I heard of Well Hung Heart. I need to check them out. Glad to know there are still musician with a social conciousness.

    I hope more bands work to wreck TuneCore!

    1. Kick the shit out of TuneCore!

    2. That's the idea. A math buddy of mine and a geek are advising me. They think it is possible if I locate 100 motivates victims of TuneCore and if they spread the word on social media they can put a major hurt on TuneCore.

      If you are a victim of TuneCore don't take it lying down. Trash TuneCore everyday.