Saturday, August 8, 2015

Can Mixcraft Save Music As We Know It?

Let's face it, music today sucks ass and great big giant elephant dick at the same time. There are many reasons today for why music sucks. The audience has been dumbed down into shit like Niki Minaj, Taylor Swift, song thief Kid Rock and Lady Gaga are talented and making good music. Music sales are down... way down. Radio went corporate and for years they don't even tell you the names of the song they are playing. The corporate turds that came of with that asshole idea need to have their testicles chewed off by a poodle with rabies.

A change in the drinking age from 18 to 21 had a devastating impact on the quality of modern music. Musician would cut their teeth in clubs but with 18, 19 and 20 yearolds banished from clubs that serve alcohol venues for bands fell by the wayside.

Many musicians played in bands that played as school dances and wedding receptions but now the asshole DJs have whored their way into that market.

Technology has done more damage to music than most people realize. Let's start with the iPod type devices. It used to be that most music was played on home stereos through SPEAKERS and the nerd of the day were happy just being audiophiles and that was actually a good thing because it allowed companies who were making sound reproduction equipment to continually create better product. Music then was still being recorded in analog studios on audio tape in studio that required sound engineers and producers with feel and talent and of course audio tape sounds and analog processing sounds better than digital processing and digital media.

Today's technology has allowed people that suck to sound halfway decent but worse than that it has given nerds the ability to create something that sounds like music. Auto tune has allowed people that can't sing such Bobby Brown to sound half way decent.

Songwriting has suffered. Instead of great songs being written shitty songs are over produced and the ease of doing studio wizardry by nerd people who have no business within a mile of a recording studio are cranking out more shit than a politician on Ex Lax.

Could the prefab artists today and the digit head producers do with 100 track what George Martin and the Beatles did with 4 tracks? No fucking way. Check out the above video and you will see what I mean. Maybe then you will know what enough is enough really means when it comes to writing, arranging and producing music.

The musical and recording treatment of songs today cannot even be described as putting lipstick on a pig. I can best be described as failed plastic surgery on an pug ugly crack whore.

You can do all that dub step type crap and looping on Mixcraft that you can on any other DAW but unlike most other DAW's Mixcraft is stable and it is IMO the most intuitive easy to learn DAW out their and it has a true analog feel. It is the least geek and nerd appeal of all the DAWs. Mixcraft is musician friendly.

I would like to see a return to analog but that is not going to happen. Today Mixcraft is the next best thing.

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