Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Music Sales Decline

RIAA has reported declining revenue in nine of the past 10 years, with album sales falling an average of 8% each year. Last decade was the first ever in which sales were lower going out than coming in. This is no surprise to anyone in the industry. Music sales are down and they continue declining.

Why have sales declined so rapidly?

Here's my list of reasons:

Corporate radio is a significant part of the problem. Yes music today sucks but when you do hear a decent song on the radio they don't tell you the name of the song or the artist. That's just fucking stupid!

Technology is a huge cause. Back when recorded music sales were high we listened to recorded music differently. We didn't have earbuds shoved in our ears, We owned home stereos and we played CDs, records and tapes and the radio. We shared music by having friends come to our homes and listen. For centuries music has been enjoyed by people in groups whether it was at Carnegie Hall, Madison Square Gardens, a local club, and outdoor show or in your living room with family and friends. Technology has changed that.

Technology has made it so it you want to hear a song or a concert you can see a lot of musical content on Youtube.

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Technology in the form of recording software and signal processing gear such as that dreadful auto-tune has made it so people with very little talent can produce quasi music and if that person has a big shapely fake ass and acts like a slut their music will sell.

Nicki Minaj, even her ass is fake.
Today's Music Sucks

Music today really isn't very good for a variety of reasons. Let's take today's modern country. All it really is is crappy rock & roll or crappy Southern rock with a drawl and cowboy hat. It is so fucking fake. There are a lot of good players today but few are good musicians with anything to say musically. Lot's of chops but no feel or reason to play the shit they play other than to impress. Anybody can play fast.

Music began to suck when the national drinking age changed. It used to be that budding musicians could cut their teeth in clubs and they could get instant feedback from their audiences and fans. When the drinking age went from 18 to 21 clubs lost a huge segment of their clientele.

Rap got big because it is easy to create but more than that it is cheap create. A record company can produce 10 rap albums for what it would cost to produce 1 band's album. This is not to say that there aren't talented but dealing with a rapper is probably less frustrating than dealing with a band of prima donnas, Rap and hip hop have a big audience now.

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