Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Songwriters Today Suck

When you watch shows like American Idol, America's Got Talent or The Voice most to the contestants perform songs that are older than they are. Not only were these songs recorded in analog studios on magnetic tape and pressed on to vinyl they were great songs and even of they were recorded digitally they would still be great songs. Where are today's John Lennons, John Fogertys, Paul Simons, Carol Kings, Randy Newmans, Billy Joels, Tom Pettys, Marc Bolans, Pete Townsends, Bob Dylans, Brain Wilsons, Buck Owens, Phil Ochs, Melanie Safkas Johnny Cashes, Pete Townsends, Wille Nelsons, Sir MixaLots, NWAs, Van Morrisons, Bob Marleys, Stevie Wonders, Ozzy Osbournes ect.. ect..? The difference between the the aforementioned artists and today's songwriters are that the songwriters of yesteryear had a conscience and wrote songs for a reason. In other words they had more noble motives and that is why I posted the picture of Bernie Sanders.


Today's music industry sucks and it sucks for many reasons one of which is corporatism and corporate mentality. Radio stations have gone corporate and with corporatism comes bad business and stupidity. When a radio station plays a song they don't even tell you the name of that song or the artist. How fucking dumb is that? What you hear now is a feed from the corporation that owns the local stations. Local radio was a good thing because it covered local events. It had integrity and that is the difference between the songwriters I mentioned and the ones like that filthy whore Nick Minaj and Justin Beber. Lady Gaga has some integrity but her music is quite lame. Kanye West just plain sucks.

I suppose you don't need a reason to write a song but when someone does they often end up with a better song.

Before you fire up your DAW and then look for a loop that "sounds cool" try to find a motive to compose something that matters. Listen to these songs and maybe you will find a clue. Better yet, listen to a Bernie Sanders speech and start thinking about being socially responsible and becoming a stellar citizen

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